Arizona, you make me sick

You get the impression sometimes there really are two Americas: one where the values of liberty, religious and ethnic diversity, the rule of law and a sense of fair play still reign supreme, and one where bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, rigid religious dogmatism and “safety” rules the day. It’s why you get places like Arizona where the government is hard at work trying to boot out every single illegal immigrant from the state. You’re probably already aware they’ve passed a draconian and fascist law that basically makes it mandatory for police to arrest anyone they suspect of being there illegally (as in anyone with brown colored skin). What you may not be aware of is they’ve also decided that speaking with a heavy accent is also unacceptable:

The Arizona Department of Education recently began telling school districts that teachers whose spoken English it deems to be heavily accented or ungrammatical must be removed from classes for students still learning English.

The very notion of America potentially becoming a bilingual nation has scared the living crap out of a whole bunch of really racist old white people who fear that “Jose” is going to take all their jobs while apparently also being on welfare (don’t try and understand how racist people manage to believe in this idiotic paradox; it’ll hurt your brain). Never mind the fact illegals account for roughly 20 billion dollars of revenue for the state, or that Mexican workers usually do the tasks everyone else refuses to do. I guess it turns out the safety and comfort of old white people is more important than honoring the very principles etched so poetically on the Statue of Liberty, which should now read as follows:

Give me your Caucasian, your rich,
Your huddled masses yearning to be mistreated for not speaking English ,
Turn back the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed back to their country of birth,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door (presumably to find any Mexican hiding in the dark)!”

Arizona, you fucking suck.

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    Although, local law enforcement of Arizona will not enforce it and the mayor of Phoenix is suing the state; otherwise, I agree.

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    I am disappointed that this post is not of your usual quality. Yes, we should be very concerned how such laws like this will affect legal citizens. However, not wanting people here illegally does not make you racist. Stop being sensational. This is the irrational behavior of a religious. Get yourself together, man.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I think that’s where you’re wrong. The whole immigration debate hasn’t changed since it was the Irish trying to come in the country. You can try and be blind to what is really going on, but I recommend you spend a good 5 minutes reading the comments of the article I linked to see what’s really going on.

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    That same law that prohibits heavy accents from English teachers has another bit to it. The law has also abolished all ethnic cultural classes (they’re electives) from public schools. So in a country made of immigrants you can learn nothing of your ancestral national origin. And any history before (I would guess) 1776 might need to be rather vague for fear of introducing any other cultures. Then again Gov Brewer might find some European history acceptable so long asthey’re of Caucasian & Judeo/Christian origin.

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    We do live in two Americas. One values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The other demands conformity and homogeneity regardless of what they must do to achieve them. Perhaps it’s time to tear down Lady Liberty. Her message no longer applies.

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    I live in the state and I despise it. We do suck,

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    You are so uninformed. AZ does not hate Mexicans or immigrants. I have lived here 7 years and every organization from social to polical is highly integrated. I guarantee that if you are invited to any party and anyones house some of the guests will be Hispanic.

    What we are tired of is being totally overwhelmed by drop houses next door. Kidnapping and murders every night on the news, unworkable emergency rooms overwhelmed with illegals, and gang activity directly related to the drug wars which is increasingly spilling over here. Rancher and police shot by illegals recently. 83% of murder indictments in Phoenix are of illegals. Tell my neighbots they are racist because that concerns them.

    Actually I was against the law because of all the unintended concequences I expected. Frankly from bigots like yourself that just spout off without knowing what you are talking about.

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    nij body armor

    Arizona is doing the right thing. Our United States borders need to be guarded. There are many hard working hispanics that become United States citizens each year by completing the immigration process. Why should hispanics that basically cut in line be rewarded and allowed to skip the long process that everyone else had to complete?

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