What lessons can we learn for Ken Ham?

Here’s Answers in Genesis douche Ken Ham doing his best to misinform children about objective reality. We’re all aware of his refusal to accept Evolution, and he’s quite clear about exactly why: he thinks the idea was invented in an effort to undermine God. That’s what’s so great about it. Ken, unlike his more “moderate” counterparts, understands correctly the conclusion we are to draw from Evolutionary Theory; there is no master plan to life, and it arises simply as a function of natural laws. By admitting this, he shows the simple truth all deeply religious people often try to deny; there are fundamental incompatibilities between religious dogma and scientific facts. The only difference is he’s open about what he’s doing, while people like Ben Stein and his creationist ilk masquerade their theism as science. I ask you, which one do you find more contemptuous and subversive?

Before you flip your lid and worry Ken is causing irreparable damage to their minds, I’d rather you focus on the fact there’s really little way to reach these children with the facts “out there” anyway. As schools across the country continue to try and throw evolutionary science out the window, the ability to counter programs like the one in the video is starting to look impossible.

It’s not the 39% of the US population who refuse to believe in evolution that scares me, it’s the fact that 36% of them just “aren’t sure”. You’ll always have crusty die hard God peddlers like Ham pushing their idiot stories down all of our throats, and there’ll always be a large percentage of the population who just wants to bury their head in the sands and wait for the Rapture. You won’t convince them of anything they didn’t rigidly decide to believe long ago, and there’s really no point in trying. The evidence is out there, and if they want to accept reality, they are free to do so at any time. But the fact that a third of the country “isn’t sure” about a fundamental theory of science is the result of the subversive efforts of the religious right to undermine its teaching on a local levels. Let’s face it; if there is something religious people are good at doing it is ORGANIZING themselves. They tend to do that pretty well, surprisingly enough. It’s also the reason these people generally have any fucking power to begin with.

So the solution to this kind of problem requires a little bit more than shitting on easy targets like Ken, we can’t forget the more pressing issue these dogmatic robots are good at something it seems non-believers are not: getting organized. Fail at that, and you get fucked by the people who are.

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    How can you trust a man you’ve never spoken to, or believe in a book that was written “by god” through the hand of man and subsequently rewritten countless time in the course of over the following centuries? The funniest part of the video is how easily an individual could reinterpret Ken Ham’s brilliant words into refuting his own points.

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    The bible starts with all that inbreeding begeting, looks like its true what they say about inbreeding…. idiots beget idiots.

    Nothing more than a very scary indoctrinating cult….. and this is just more religious child abuse

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    fuck that ass pisses me off! As soon as i watched this i bought it up with one of my friends, so now we are going to infiltrate local churches to see what is taught and compile an analysis. Im interested to see which denominations reach highest on the bullshit meter, as well as those which hustle for money the most.

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    This makes me want to vomit in my own face.

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    This shit makes me sick to my stomach, my insides get bound in knots every time I hear them spewing this propaganda and flat out lies that theses kids might absorbing in the their little soft sponge like little brains. On top of that all of theses kids are going to need to be de- brainwashed before it is late and we have to deal with them in the future.

    We have to do something to stop theses monsters they have no knowledge of science, history or any teaching of the universe at all. Neither one of they has ever been in a museum in there lives other then the creationist museum witch is a joke. If they had they they would have seen bones of a T Rex and know that they are real and that they are very very old.

    and i cant believe that women they interviewed just went along with everything they said even though she knew everything they just said was a load of bullshit. she just shrugged her shoulders and made funny faces as if two conflicting ideas were battling it out in here head, because she knew it was wrong what they were teaching their children was wrong and should be stopped.

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    Ethan Grothues

    It a reaction-based response through a dopamine-taught urge to quickly blunt and smooth that sharpened, lobotomizing logic of critical thinking. Its due to indoctrination during the development period of the brain as, we know, the limbic brain assesses all problems first. When your logical reasoning, your cognitive distinction, has been muddled by the ‘answer’ of God; that is in the doubt of procured certainty, you are justified in creating an answer in the way you’ve been taught to do and say, “God is the reason for everything I do not want to learn to know.” A Poison To Humanity is the title of the religion book–all religion. We ought, as the Idea Bell rings, stand-up in the duty we all have to humanity, and go forth in the nature of understanding; in proof, and show beyond the shadows in the face of religion, “We shall not go Gentle into that good night!”

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    I’ve never understood this guy’s logic. He says evolution doesn’t exist, but acknowledges the existence of dinosaurs. Why not just say dinosaurs didn’t exist? That would at least keep his argument consistent.

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