More pedophile priests get exposed

More pedophile priests are being exposed on an almost daily basis it seems, and from the look of things, I doubt we’re finished having to read about the terrible deeds of these sick fucks. Today’s pederast is Father Roger Vangheluwe, the Bishop of Bruges in Belgium, who stepped down recently after a commission was set up to investigate priestly abuse received a letter regarding offenses he had committed years ago.

Over the past decades, I asked for the forgiveness of him and his family,” added Mr Vangheluwe. “But the media storm of the past few weeks only reinforced his trauma. It was not tenable any more. I regret what I did and offer my most sincere apologies to the victim, his family, all the Catholic community and society.”

If you’re wondering why this pederast piece of shit isn’t in jail, it’s because the statute of limitations ran out some time ago, so he’s free to enjoy his life without having to worry about paying for his crimes. Instead of justice, his victim gets an apology, which sounds about as awesome as getting a “Cleveland steamer” from a homeless guy on your birthday.

Just another priest who will get to live out his days free from prosecution for his crimes, all thanks to Ratzinger’s informative memo which left specific instructions priests should not discuss any abuse with police until specifically 10 years after their 18th birthday. Of course, that had nothing to do with a systematic cover-up to protect pedophilia at the highest levels of power, right?

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    ladies and gentlemen, we present the pillar of morality, the catholic church.

    as has been noted by better thinkers than i, ratzo is the perfect pope for this church. he fits it like a glove.

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    That is so disgusting.

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