Calamities of Nature

A fan of the site (they exist apparently) sent me a link to this webcomic, Calamities of Nature,  and I thought some of them had some pretty genuinely funny and interesting points to make about religion, the Pope, and creationism. I feel as though the character of Aaron has a lot in common with little old me. I just have to ask one question though: where the fuck are his eyes?

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    Theres another giant difference at least relating to evolution and global warming. Evidence. Not to mention that those two are not beliefs, but merely acknowledgements of fact. I know its just a cartoon, but it could be a little more thorough.

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    Nice comics! I’ll be following this.

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    >where the fuck are his eyes?

    is he wearing earmuffs ?

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    i think its the ear muff head thingy, looks like eyes should be in that void

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