Vatican’s financial woes have only just begun

If you were wondering why the Church worked so diligently to cover up the abuse of pederast priests, you can bet a big part of the motivation is money (like so much in this world). The Guardian is reporting tithing is expected to drop significantly in Italy and other countries. Ever year, the Church makes about €900m in donations, but faced with the growing reality the head of their organization was helping protect known pedophiles from prosecution, the number is expected to drop significantly.

With many Catholics across Europe saying the scandals have robbed them of their faith, there is a risk that this year’s income could be much lower. In Germany, where church membership is registered and has a direct impact on church funds, pollsters for Focus magazine this month found that 26% of Catholics were reconsidering their religious allegiance.

Only 26% had their faith shaken by the systematic cover-up of child rape? Why is anyone still giving money to these monsters? There still hasn’t been any action taken against those responsible for raping kids, and the Vatican continues to affirm all of this is “petty gossip”, even as the evidence continues to mount. It’s like the captain of the Titanic assuring everyone the rumors circulating around of a collision with a gigantic iceberg are “petty gossip”, even as water is rushing into the cabins.

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    Jess Mason

    I say its time to hide the life rafts and hit them while their guard is down.

    Then we can all say ha ha we sunk your battleship.

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    I’m glad i don’t get my morals from religion.

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    You mentioned that you didnt know why people are still giving money to these monsters. It may be because they go to a physical church with a charismatic preacher that has always looked honest and nice to them. The atmosphere and reality of the church, the locality and personal link to the tradition are in strong contrast to an external perspective. You look at overall trends, averages of motion and find the shocking stories within, yet they have a different perspective to the issue from engaging in the religion. Even if they were boldly confronted with the issue at church i think many of them would brush it aside as “not in this church” or they would choose to live in ignorance of the issue. Does this seem like a reasonable explanation?

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    Joe Botelho

    Thank Thor! it’s about time.Imagine if they had to have a auction, I would totally go to a auction at the vatican i would by me a pope hat

    Big pimping joe in a pope hat

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    This whole scandal makes me wish I was Catholic, just so I could renounce. *sigh*

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