Vatican upset over Foreign Office memo

A couple days ago, a memo circulated around the Foreign Office suggesting some “ideas” for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to England. The list included the Pope launching his own condom to opening an abortion clinic. Like any memo that begins with the words “should not be shared externally”, it quickly escaped the confines of the office and has so outraged the Vatican they are threatening not to come to the country at all.

It is disgusting. Britain’s ambassador to the Holy See has been in to see the Secretary of State and explain what happened and this will all be relayed to the Pope. It’s even possible the trip could be cancelled as this matter is hugely offensive.

I’ll tell you what’s disgusting: helping to protect dirty old pederasts from criminal litigation. That’s what I find truly outrageous, and it’s been going on for thousands of fucking years!

Actually, I’m glad the Vatican is talking about not coming down at all. The trip would cost the British public millions of dollars, and for what? So they can have some criminal douchebag show up, wave his boney hand, and issue more statements condemning the investigation against him as just more “petty gossip”? How about we send him to Scotland Yard for a few questions if he does swing by for a visit; he’s got a lot of explaining to do…

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