Airport blasphemer sentenced

Remember Harry Taylor, the British man who was tried and found guilty of ‘religiously aggravated harassment’ for leaving some flyers making fun of religion in the prayer room at an airport? He was just sentenced today and got an Anti-Social Behavior Order along with a six month suspended sentence. The ABSO – a creepy little UK legal order basically allowing courts to make legal things illegal – means Taylor is no longer allowed to carry around anti-religion material in public.

Now on one hand I’m happy Taylor didn’t get the potential 7 years jail time his charges could have resulted in. But on the other, much larger pulsing neon hand of WTF, I’m still shocked: a) he was ever charged in the first place, b) he was found guilty of this retarded ‘crime’, and c) barely anyone seemed to care about this story, especially since the Ireland blasphemy thing became such a big deal. But here’s a guy charged, found guilty, and given a criminal record over offending some religious people and barely anyone has said boo.

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    evidence of the control that religion is able to exert.

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    ASBO’s were originally brought in to the UK law system as a deterent for deliquent youths, but have become controversial as the little tykes have found the kudos of having earned one far out ways the inconvenience. Hopefully, the court who found themselves in the position of having to sentence Harry understood the daftness of the law and were trying to be as lenient as possible. It’s still bad though.

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