A History of Pedophilia

Here’s a little history lesson on how long the church has been dealing with priests raping children. The scariest thing? That there’s been internal discussion regarding the handling of pedophile priests for over 1500 years, and these winners still haven’t managed to do anything about it. I’d say it just seems to be getting worse, but it’d probably be naive to think things weren’t much, much worse back when no one dared question the authority of the church.

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    I’m so sad that this show isn’t getting another season.

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    We should definitely be questioning the authority of the church when corruption like this is going on. It’s really, really sad and a betrayal of Christ and His will and purpose for the church. And it’s sad that things like this represent the church to the world. This is an example of Jesus vs. religion. Religion is a set of rules to follow – what you can and can’t do. It’s an equation or balance of what man thinks equals a good or moral life. But if you’re trying to live a good life to be a good person and earn favor with God, you’re only going through the motions. There is no relationship between yourself and your Savior that way…it’s just a rulebook of can and can’ts, and like any passionless relationship, it will grow old and meaningless. Of course these men fall into sin if they’re practicing religion. That is not an excuse for their behavior, but if your faith is based on trying to be a good person or maybe even just resemble a good person, you have no reason to live a righteous life. If you are following Jesus instead of religion, you don’t have to earn or work for your salvation…you already have it. So you don’t have to create some rulebook in your mind about what a “person of faith” would or wouldn’t do. You simply live like HE would live. When you have a relationship with Jesus, and realize that you don’t have to perform a certain amount of good deeds or say a certain number of prayers a day to be in favor with Him, that He wants you to have freedom and not be bound by a law, you react in love and service to Him. And sin grows dim in the light of this relationship (as opposed to religion.) Sadly, many sects of the Catholic church are works-based. (Not all of them.) That means that they work to earn their salvation and believe they can fall out of favor with God. If you are simply going through motion after motion to earn favor and stay within it, is Christ really in your heart? Are you really living for Him, or for the sake of appearing moral or good? If that is the case, there is nothing to keep you from sin like this. I guess my point is that the sin and curruption of the church in posts like these speak for a practice much different than following Christ.

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    Jess Mason

    Wow I am amazed at the quality, creativeness, resources , and design of this video A+++

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    Joshua, I agree. Hungry Beast was a breath of fresh logical air for television. But it ruffled too many feathers. Imagine that, accusing Catholics of being pedophilia causing an uproar?

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    Ethan Grothues

    Its a sad, sad state of affairs; that is, the Catholic Church, Catholicism, Christianity and finally–The Kraken itself, Religion. Religion, in all aspects, is very similar to the act of trying to boil water in a colander. It represents the epitome of a ‘soup sandwich’, and I find that quite fitting in the category of symbolism–like most crackpot believers and their alignment in symbols–as is represented by the god-head of Christianity itself, The Catholic Church. Or at least the sandwich, and can be depicted the way stain-glass transparencies show, with a little choir boy right in the middle as the meat. Of course we’re dealing with symbolism, that’s why we adorn the clerical crown of god with all its ‘Pope-y’ pointed enamor right on top of one of the side slices of bread–like the body of Christ, you know–on the other slice maybe color in a Crown of Thorns and have the Wine-blood mixed with the child’s blood that looks like jam oozing out the bottom of the sandwich into a plain, golden chalice which, of course, stands in as the cap; it keeps the Law out.

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    Wow. Very well done—and disturbing—video. I have to disagree with Ethan G. above, though. The logical response isn’t to question “religion,” anymore than we should question “society” over the shocking fact that society can’t seem to stop child abuse either. That’s where I feel skeptical over people’s anger with the Catholic church. I agree that there is a VERY serious problem with the Church right now that needs to be addressed, however isn’t it hypocritical of us outside the Church to be disgusted by crimes that also get committed on our watch? Child abuse is rampant in our secular society as well. We need to be careful to keep the focus on child abuse—wherever it exists—and not waste time be antagonistic about certain religious groups we may not like very much.

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    Faith 'Freelance' Hill

    I had trouble looking at this in Safari but it works fine in Internet Explorer. Anway, the information is good. I am really pleased to have found this.

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