Victim of abuse files lawsuit against Pope Benedict XVI

One of the many victims of Fr. Lawrence Murphy (the guy who molested over 200 deaf kids) has filed a lawsuit against the Pope in the hopes to uncover how much the Vatican did know about the abuse, and how they went about covering it up. The plaintiff, whose identity has been concealed, doesn’t want any money; he just wants justice for his life having been ruined by the sexual torture he had to endure.

I’m curious to see how the Vatican is going to react to this lawsuit. My guess is the standard “deny everything and hope everything blows over” response they’ve been so forthcoming with recently. If that fails, they’ll probably try to blame gays, or better yet, the secularization of society for creating an environment of depravity or something (even their mindless attacks don’t always make much sense). What a bunch of swell guys!

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    December Chaos

    GOOD! I think it’s about time somebody took a stand like this against religon in general. And best yet, he isn’t suing for money, he just wants justice! I really hope this guy wins the case, but I don’t think it’ll be likely as the pope will probably just say that this guy was possessed by Satan to make him attack the catholic church like this.

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    This could prove interesting, coming on top of Richard Dawkins’ idea of having the pope arrested if he comes to the UK

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