Comedy Central caves, South Park gets bleeped over Muhammad cartoon

In case you haven’t yet seen part deux of South Park’s 200th episode, get ready for a pretty serious disappointment; because of veiled threats the Studio and creators received from a bunch of religious fundy douches, the episode was so bleeped out it was hard to actually know what the hell was going on. At first, I thought maybe the whole joke had been one huge meta-joke (poking fun at the fact they would get censored), but in a recent statement Trey Parker and Matt Stone made this announcement:

We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.

There you have it folks. It’s gotten so bad even the mention of the NAME Muhammad is enough to scare people into silence. It’s a sad day for America and a sad day for the important idea of freedom of speech. You know, I hear a lot of talk about the need to “defend” the Constitution from right wing nutjobs who carry miniature versions of it around in their pockets. Perhaps they should pay more attention to the fact that under their very noses, rights that are guaranteed are being challenged by threats of violence from religious fundamentalists. If you love your Constitution and your country so much, you should be fighting for the right for people to speak their mind, no matter how much their speech offends your sensibilities. It’s the only way to guarantee when YOU have something important to say, no one will be allowed to stop you.

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    Yeah, this was a disappointment. I’m a big fan of free speech and all that, on the other hand I understand the ‘companies’ desire to be caution.

    I’m wondering if the censored material will ever leak…

    BTW, Great site and podcast! Keep it up!

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    December Chaos

    My fiance was pissed off that they censored it like that… She’s like “Why the fuck is it censoring his whole sentence? We have to find a better version to watch.”

    The whole being “afraid” of getting bombed because you say MUHAMMAD on TV is fucking stupid…

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    Amazing story on this from the LA Times

    Threat against ‘South Park’ creators highlights dilemma for media companies,0,5940860.story

    Also, did you get the website hack story yet? Lulz
    South Park Fans Spoof Islamic Website

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    couldn’t south park just say fuck it to the networks and have their own feed with whatever they want in it. The Internet can do it!

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    Good Reason

    Religious beliefs and practices must ONLY be incumbent for those who hold the belief. If you’re a Muslim, feel free not to depict Muhammed. I am not a Muslim, so I have no such superstition. And accordingly, my avatar is, at present, South Park Muhammed (mk 2001).

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    J. N. Hudson

    I had just thought it was part of the joke. I’m really suprised that Comedy Central caved given their how they have always been more than willing to push the bar fuck the controversy. It really looks like Comedy Central tried to make it seem as if it was part of the joke by bleeping out Kyle’s monologue at the end.

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    I’m still waiting for someone with some video editing software to take the censored portions of the show and dub in the Muhammads and change the final speech to talking about how the heads of Comedy Central are a bunch of spineless douchebags!

    Extra credit if someone were to edit in Kurt Westergaard’s image attached to a South Park styled body over the big “Censored” box that was put over Muhammad himself.

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    Wow, bending themselves over a barrel

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    cover dude

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    Rema Bertagnoli

    Very Interesting. I haven’t had a similar experience here in Siberia, but I guess that isn’t too unusual.

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    I think what islam people are doing with censoring muhammad is stupid. Hey fucking muslims? Buddha, Lao Tse, And Moses get made fun of and south park dosen’t get bombed you fucks!! Let Muhammad uncensored!!! If you wanna reply, GO A FUCKING HEAD!!!!!! >:-O

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    For all of you people commenting on this site, The most thing I like about south park is making fun. But I’m here to tell you people that islam people should let trey and matt uncensor muhammad. did you know the episode “super best friends” when they showed muhammad before 9/11? My friend told me that’s why we were attacked. He hates south park. Because he’s a jewish person :P He told me: “They made 9/11 happen”! I don’t beleve that any fking way!!

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    Johnnie Rubino

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