Tea Party people scare the crap out of me

Do I even need to introduce this video? These people are insane.

Favorite moment: when the woman in the red shirt (6 minutes in) unknowingly supports every single stereotypical “progressive” ideas like helping the poor, and paying teachers a fair salary. Where exactly do you think that money comes from, idiot?

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    Is it even possible for an atheist to be a Tea Partier? I highly doubt it.

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    Don’t make rich people pay more tax cause one day I’ll be rich and I won’t want to pay tax – The American Delusion.

    Fox News fair and giving both sides of the argument. WTF is wrong with these people.

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    this is possibly the most depressing video ive seen all month. Cant believe the stupidity, its beyond frustrating, its disappointing. There are some stupid shitheads out there, and they are dangerous. How dare they say with such blind confidence to get rid of the department of EDUCATION! WTF…. I live in New Zealand so i dont know how or why this is so depressing to me, perhaps because im not a nationalist.

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    Cherie M

    No one in that video could have paid attention to their tax returns this year. Anytime people want to cut needed agencies – the EPA, FDA, Department of Education, etc. they forget that they or their children/nieces/nephews/grandchildren have already benefited, will benefit and are benefiting from various regulations and inspections overseen by these agencies. My husband and I don’t have children, but we know paying taxes towards schools is important.

    The biggest problem I see among the Tea Partiers isn’t their idea of patriotism or preserving liberty, it’s the fact that they’ve spent their entire lives with so many things paid for through taxes placed on -other- people and they are now too greedy and too selfish to be willing to pay taxes themselves. It boils down to being too focused on money and not focused enough on the good of the community at large. Even with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, those in the highest brackets are still paying less than they would have 40 years ago and they need to realize that for all their bitching and whining, they’re paying MUCH less than they could be.

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    I’d like to know if they would support a “Department of Church and State”.

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    I laughed and I cried…. I’m so glad to be the other side of the pond

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    I like the woman who thinks Obama will ban fishing.

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    What a bunch of morons. These people actually vote!

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    The worst part was when global warming was used to rally for boos.

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    Amy Potts

    I am an agnostic. My husband is an atheist. We are both members of the Tea Party. We don’t go to events, but we send donations to fiscally conservative candidates all over the country and support constitutionally limited government. Do all you can to film the silliest, most uninformed Tea Partiers you can find, but we, and others like us…religious and non-religious people who believe that our country must live within its means…we are the ones you need to worry about. We vote right along with all the “more colorful” patriots you film.

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    john bush

    There are loons part of any group. I’m an atheist and generally support the ideas of the Tea Party. This video misses the point. The Tea Party isn’t a reaction to Obama, its a reaction to over spending and expansive gov’t that been happening for decades. Its about the humbris of gov’t that thinks it knows how to spend your money better than you do. Check out http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/90/Revenue_and_Expense_to_GDP_Chart_1993_-_2008.png. This guy only wants to talk about the tax side of thing, but look at the spending side. The pattern of spending more and cutting taxes isn’t sustainable.

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    Apologies in advance. I’m a lifelong atheist and free market type and cautiously observed Tea Party events from my living room (watching on TV) for the last eighteen months or so. For the first year it looked as though the leaders were trying to keep partisan politics out. The Glenn Beck / Sara Palin rally in Washington in August 2010 was the real defining moment in the movement and now it looks as though it’s the Republican Party Ronald Reagan / Jerry Fallwell deal all over again.

    I have been politically active in the past. Voted Libertarian for over 30 years. Donated to some Republican Congressmen who scored high on CAGW’s “friend of the taxpayer” category. But it’s the God issue that basically lost my interest in the Tea Party as a viable movement in America.

    IMO, 40 percent of Americans want to take money from my wallet and give to the irresponsible. 47% of Americans want to cram their religion into my life, even though I greatly detest it. 13% of the American people will allow me to keep my money and live a single lifestyle that social conservatives strongly object to. Not that I’m gay or bisexual, but I have a nonviolent liberated lifestyle that social conservatives hate and want to legislate.

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    I am an atheist and my values reflect what the Tea Party stands for in general. Smaller government and WE THE PEOPLE. They both have nothing to do with religion and i reject being put into the category that if i am Tea Party i am religious. Atheists have a wide range of political views, and separate themselves from the religious bias in government. Religion is engraved in our society and in all political affiliations from Republican, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, something that atheists accept. To NOT GET involved with any group would be foolish.. Atheists are part of WE THE PEOPLE, whether you like it or not. It’s what makes America different than most other countries. It is what we fight and die for.

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    Atheists who join the tea party are dumb shits. Atheists supporting the tea party are like jews supporting nazis or blacks supporting white supermacists. Oh and no the tea party isn’t libertarian.

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