Preaching to the converted

I’ve often been accused of “preaching to the converted”, and this video on YouTube explains my position on the matter perfectly; I’ve received countless personal correspondences from people who told me they grew more confident and self-assured about their non-belief simply because of the work I do, and I believe them. There’s a lot to be said for generating discussion and for putting the facts out there for people to simply reflect on. If it really was true people can never change their minds, why would we bother talking about anything at all? Better to shut down all other forms of discussion, from the political to the artistic if that were true, no?

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    great work Jacob, i agree with the vid, so true!

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    that’s true it helps generate talking points and increases confidence in people who agree. Plus, many people (especially now with the catholic church issues) are questioning the value in organized religion. So they are wanting to hear the side of rationals.

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