Oklahoma continues fight against pregnant women

The abortion issue simply will not go away in the US. Every fucking day there’s some piece of legislation intended to severely limit the availability of abortions, or perhaps just make the process so humiliating and disheartening that women chose to keep their pregnancies. Take Oklahoma, where a proposed bill would withhold tests showing foetal defects, and would require women to answer private questions about their sexuality that would then be posted online. In other words, the intent of this bill is to prevent women from realizing their babies might have serious birth defects (which would encourage them to potentially terminate the pregnancy), and to make the process humiliating by threatening to expose their sexual history to the public. Let it be said the public flogging has not gone out of style!

These obviously unconstitutional and grossly irresponsible bills are popping up everywhere. Since the religious right can’t seem to accept the fact the law has decreed a woman has the right to control her body, they’ve been working diligently to make the process as painful, horrible, or difficult as possible. This kind of nonsense will only subside when religions stop trying to be involved in the political process, something I can’t foresee happening in the US within my lifetime. To my American fans, might I suggest moving to a country that doesn’t treat pregnant women like criminals?

(props to Pharyngula for the find)

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    Pete Knight

    Great way to drive the abortions into a blackmarket, backstreet clinic that could harm the mother.

    Hasn’t America learned from prohibition? Hasn’t America learned from maimed and dead women throughout the years? Hasn’t America learned that you can’t stop something as fundamental as abortion, you can only drive it underground into a murky world of shady dealing?

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    They learned that they don’t need to affectivly fix the problem they only need to pretend to in order to get elected again.

    These bills rarely pass but the point is to make the person making the bill look good while doing NOTHING.

    Meanwhile the same person is blocking safe sex education in schools and family planning thus causing the very problem they are complaining about.

    There is a reason america has 2x the abortion rate of every other developed country. The very people who don’t like abortions are the ones causing the problem. Thus creating something they can forever be angry at.

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    Why be embarrassed about sex questions?? We all know she has sex – SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!!
    So I would encourage all women there to insist on seeing the fetus data and when refused….well you are refusing so that means my fetus/parasite is defective…I want an abortion!!! Using the refusal to show fetus data as the proof that an abortion is needed.
    Answering sex questions??? So what admit you fuck like a rabbit. Everyone know you do—-YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!!
    Be up front and slam it back into their faces!!!
    Oh well that was a pleasant dream that will never happen.
    No one lives in OK that has the self confidence to do such.
    That’s why those silly laws get put into place.

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