South Park creators threatened over depiction of Mohammed

There are few certainties in life, but you can always count on: 1) death is inevitable, 2) you will always have to pay taxes, and 3) Muslims will always flip the fuck out if you depict their prophet, no matter how innocent it is. Case in point: Matt Stone and Trey Parker are again the subject of controversy for their 200th episode, which featured Mohammed in a Bear suit to hide his identity. As you might have guessed, Muslim groups are up in arms over the depiction, and have issued (as is customary) threats of violence against the animators.

We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty serious threat, especially when the site entices people to actually show up at their house to “voice” their displeasure (or featuring audio clips of a mullah advocating the killing of blasphemers). How about you chill the fuck out instead, assholes? So sorry you can’t stand the idea of people making fun of your religion, but unfortunately for you, no one has the right to not be offended. If you don’t like it, might I suggest moving back to a country where blasphemy is punished as barbarically as it was 300 years ago (perhaps Saudi Arabia is more to your liking)?

Religion of peace my ass.

**NOTE** Here’s Anderson Cooper’s take on this:

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    I started a Facebook group about it. Go join I think I left the link to it in this post

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    herman lost

    To be honest I’m more offended of the censorship and so should be everyone else. This is not Freedom of speech. Also the fact they have all of the other deities depicted on the CARTOON, It is my opinion the weakest of the religions of course would protest something so petty. I laugh at their silly religion even more!ahhahahahhahah! pathetic fools.

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    @Respect: What the hell? Do you think we haven’t looked at the claims of Mo’? (Peace on his name? What is that, a majik incantation?) The claims of Islam are FALSE. The religion, like all others, is a LIE. The fact that you have to throw in bullshit majik phrases when you write about Pedo-Mo’ and Allah (as in Allah my brains fell out and I can’t think for myself) proves that your mind is no longer in use.

    I’m not saying anything against Islam because I hate mulsims…but because I HATE religion and what it makes of people like you.

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    “we can speak whatever is in our hearts or in our minds as long as i doesnt threaten someone else, calls for violence” now im not supporting violence, but i dont remember that clause in the bill of rights. fuck you Anderson Cooper.

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    Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, May 20. Get out your pencils and your crayons kids. This is gonna be fun!


    Respect people’s *rights*, not their ideas. Get that or get the fuck out. Welcome to the free world.

    @ Boobie Joe: “Come on now, these are few radical Muslims that are upset about this.”

    Bullshit. Absolute, totally unsupportable bullshit. And that’s not even the point. You really want religions to have the right to censor you through bully tactics? Really? Don’t believe in freedom of speech then, huh?

    “and these comments are terrible. Listen to yourselves.”

    Go whine to your mama, you little pansy. This is the Internet, not Care Bears Academy. What’s more terrible, name calling, or death threats? You’ve got no sense of perspective, retard.

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    “Stop provoking, start searching.”

    Fuck you, you presumptuous, ignorant prick.

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    What a wonderful day! Raghead #3 and his raghead family gone.Thank allah for drones.

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    Freedom of speech only goes so far… until you start ‘speeching’ about religion, eh?

    I like how some muslim people are defensively saying they respect jesus. This, of course, is a fact and jesus is a fairly important figure in islam.

    My only thing is, what are they defending against? The people who make this show respect jesus too and he’s depicted on this show all the time. These reactions to mohammed being portrayed in anything and in any way are insane. And really only work to make islam seem harsh and childish.

    “No, you can’t talk about him ever! No, no, no, no, NO! Bwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!”

    Also, I should probably mention that preaching about jesus and mohammed in a thread on an aethiest website… doesn’t have much pull. Sorry.

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    I want to say first that I like your website and it amuses me to no end. Second, I am a Muslim. I get really tired of reading all the comments that have absolutely no basis in reality. If you all would like to make fun of Muslims and or islam at least do it about things that are factual All you talk about are the same old boring and incorrect things. So, rather than telling the world that you may be intelligent but when it comes to Islam, you are very silly possibly borderline retarded. I could give you lots of things to make fun of if you asked.If you are content with making the same illgical arguments based on a plethora of false premises AND being laughed at by us then by all means continue…
    Sisyphus in Hijab

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    Oh, gee, Cali!

    Thank you so much for giving us a safe list of guidelines to ridicule. I feel so free to know that I can contain my thoughts in this box that helps me clearly outline what I can and cannot say.

    Just thank you. Thank you. Now go eat some bananas, they’re supposed to be good for your brain or something.

    PS: it’s not incorrect or boring that mohammed was a pedophile as are the majority of islamic men in most of the muslim-majority countries. Or maybe you could try to argue against all of the 8 year old girls being married off to 30+ men. I’m sure NONE of them are forced into sex and occasionally get pregnant before reaching an adult age.

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    Archie Schumaker

    You’re talking about actions. If the ACTIONS taken at the mosque violate the law, they should be punished. At this point, “conservatives” want the government to restrict speech. That’s wrong, and it will backfire.

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    samthat and its the tr

    People should not be so closed minded, the truth is all those who dont understand islam call it mindless follwoing but if they bothered to use their brains for one minute and do the intelligent thing they would see that its not that at all but its the right path. so dont talk about what you dont know about. and dont say yea i read this or seeb this on the news coz its not always true as am sure alot of poepl are aware.
    Those you dimiss stuff without knowing about it are silly

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