Spanish Bishop says children at fault for seducing priests

Looks like some priests aren’t content to just blame homosexuality for the rampant abuse of children; Bernardo Álvarez, the Bishop of Tenerife in Spain, had this to say about the recent scandals:

There are 13 year old adolescents who are under age and who are perfectly in agreement with, and what’s more wanting it, and if you are careless they will even provoke you

I think this is called the “Lolita” defense, and it sounds about as convincing as you might imagine. All those kids who were sodomized against their will were really just asking for it, shaking their prepubescent little booties around, wearing tight t-shirts with the Transformer logo, and smelling of bubble gum and candy. The whores! How dare they tempt these poor Holy men of the cloth with their sexy, completely underdeveloped bodies?

So to recap, the people to blame are homosexuals (for spreading their sin around town) and overly sexed kids, who continually tempt priests with their erotic use of the word “dude”. You wouldn’t want to place the blame on pederast pieces of shit who have ruined the lives of thousands of innocent children; why, that would just be wrong and an insult to the memory those poor, downtrodden priests who did nothing more than “give” those horny kids what they were begging for!

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    this sucks man… In Spain the catholic church is losing power year by year.. but it will takes us a long time until we can finally finish it…

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    Really what can you say, no matter how you slice this one it’s awful.

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    J. N. Hudson

    Back in the day I remember an article in The Onion titled
    “Pope To Forgive Molested Children For Tempting Priests”. It’s beginning to seem more self fullfiling prophecy and less parody everyday.

    In my opinion statements like this are not usually well thought out, but rather someones, albeit poor, act of rationalzation born out disbelief and denial that such acts are not only endemic, but also routinely covered up, and by the leadership of this organization that they have devoted their very lives no less. At their core they feel betrayed but are either unwilling or unable to admit that to themselves, so they lash out by casting blame at anything in an attempt to absolve their sacred cow of guilt or culpability.

    However, nothing in my above stated opinion should be taken as excusing or justifying the Bishops comments. No matter how you spin it he’s still a rape apologist and the sooner he can fuck off and die in a fire the better off the world will be for it.

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