Rush Limbaugh says Iceland eruption caused by Health Care Reform

Rush Limbaugh is convinced the volcanic eruption in Iceland, and the subsequent delays in air travel (not to mention all the herds threatened by toxic ash) was caused not by the buildup of pressure below the Earth’s crust, but rather from God’s wrath regarding health care. In other words, the big man in the sky is bellowing his discontent at the thought of 40 million Americans finally having access to health care.

It must be pretty satisfying to claim, with no evidence whatsoever, that natural disasters are caused by a deity acting out his displeasure over policies that you don’t tend to agree with. It’s kind of like saying “God believes exactly what I do, and punishes others for not believing it”, and then finding any instance of human misery as proof of your baseless assertion.

Now I know Rush doesn’t actually believe most of the things he says; he knows his audience, and he caters to them. Limbaugh is an entertainer, and love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s found himself a pretty sweet racket, exploiting the gullibility and stupidity of his audience, and making himself immensely wealthy in the process. The man is nothing but hot air, spewing toxic filth from his gaping maw. Gee, I wonder what kind of image that invokes…

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    Interesting how Rush’s god is punishing Europe for America’s HCR. I suppose, if it’s going to defy logic, it might as well defy all logic.

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    Yeah, I think it’s unlikely that God would screw with Europe as a result of US healthcare. I do, however, want to point out a more obvious connection: Clearly, God hates Limbaugh. Otherwise, why would he have made him so fat and ugly? There can be no other explanation.

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    What’s funny is how easy it is for Limbaugh to play you. He does it daily now on his show, and even announces during the show what the play is, and why you dopes will fall for it even though he is announcing it.

    I don’t think you really cannot tell when someone is joking or being sarcastic. So why are you tone deaf to it when it coming from Limbaugh or anyone else on the right? You pitch this as if Rush believes it to be “the gospel truth” when it is more than clear that he’s joking.

    You also conveniently did not post the Obama quote which is the setup to Limbaugh’s joke. It was Obama who invoked the language of armageddon when he said, a few days after the health care bill was signed, that “Hey, you know, I’m look­ing around. The earth hadn’t opened up. There’s no Armaged­don out there. The birds are still chirp­ing.”

    If Obama makes a joke about armageddon, you get it. But if Limbaugh follows up on that joke with another one, you take it seriously.

    Come on!

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    Hey Alex,
    At least Pres Obama’s was in good taste! He stated a fact: the earth didn’t end. Pres Obama did not invoke a religious attitude. Where as Limbaugh used the old “hell and brimstone” line that identifies a specific imaginary being.

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    What the he-? whoa this guy has not been spending alot of time with real christians.

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    Ex Fundy Yeah

    I am a recent deconvert from evangelical Christianity. I am 100% a-theist. I believe all religions are immoral and very destructive to humanity. I read this and other atheist blogs almost daily… and am thoroughly enjoying it. :)

    I don’t think this one article is well thought out nor well written. Here is a quote:

    “The man is nothing but hot air, spewing toxic filth from his gaping maw”

    One of the things that I enjoy the most about being godless is the that so many atheists based all their answers or opinions on facts, and do their best to not exaggerate or state something that can not be backed up by evidence.

    This article reveals that the author simply hates Rush and therefore believes everything he says or does is wrong. Rush is wrong on some things, definitely. But not on everything, like the author as written.

    Statements about people of ‘all’, ‘none’, ‘every time’, ‘never’, etc. only reduces the effectiveness of the article. Hey, when (not if) Rush is wrong I WANT it to be published across internet. But when you basically say that everything he says is it wrong makes you look like the bloggers that have conversations like this:

    Poster 1: Your wrong and stupid.
    Poster 2: No. Your wrong and stupid.
    Poster 1: I’m right and you’re wrong.
    Poster 2: No, I’m right and you’re wrong.


    To the author, if Rush does something stupid then nail him on it. But please do it as with a laser beam targeting just the bad. When you said everything he is or says is bad… it reeks of childishness.

    I don’t mean to get anyone upset. I just think you would have a greater affect and impact if you stayed on message and not broad brush. Peace

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    Try taking a purposive, than a literal approach.

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    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Awesome. Mt. Rush Limbaugh! What a jackass!?

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    This is just embarrasing. I’m an atheist because I chose the think. If you cannot either tell that this was a tongue in cheek thing from Rush you are seriously stupid.

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    Alfred Leandro

    Rush Limbaugh just says it how it is…no crap, no prettying it up…just saying it!

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