Evangelical Bible scholar forced to resign for views on Evolution

Remember Ben Stein’s abortion of a movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, and how he claimed the scientific establishment attacks anyone who disagrees with Evolution? Well, apparently, that sword cuts both ways; Conservative Evangelical Bible scholar Dr. Bruce Waltke caused a firestorm of controversy when he had the “audacity” to side with the evidence for evolution. He even states (rather correctly I might add) that unless Christians embrace scientific facts, they run the risk of becoming increasingly alienated from mainstream society. Couldn’t agree more, although it’s become quite obvious the religious right is using every weapon in their arsenal to fight against the fact of evolution.

So, in other words, if you’re a religious leader and you don’t toe the “God did it” line, you are likely to be on the receiving end of an Inquisition, so it’s best to keep your head low and continue to defend primitive beliefs about the formation of the universe and life on Earth. Sure it’s intellectually embarrassing, but hey, what religion isn’t?

(via Proud Atheists)

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    I liked how they managed to slip in the whole, no god = no morality bit. Even though it was entirely irrelevant to the discussion.

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    This is great news. Slowly, but surely, science will win out. It may take a while, but the hardcore Christians know it and they are trying everything they can to stop it. Unfortunately, the wave of secularism and rational thought and science is a tsunami. The religious had a pretty good run when they could keep people in the dark. Now in this age of instant information and communication, there’s no way for them to stop it.

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    Although I applaud this guy’s stance, Xtians will always be on thin ice when they try to have their cake and eat it; science and the teachings of the bible are NOT compatible. It’s one thing or the other folks.

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    Well I’m glad the museum dude managed to pull the “Without god society will wither and die!” card. Even implying that “god” has is the ruler of the world.

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