Hitchens vs Perkins on National Day of Prayer being Unconstitutional

So, according to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (you might remember these guys endorsing the murder of Dr. George Tiller) , a judge upholding the constitution’s first Amendment is not only activism, but also judicial arrogance. I think the only arrogance being displayed here is by cry-baby religious folks who can’t stand whenever secularism is upheld. It’s this very separation of church and state, however, that guarantees their own freedom of religion, for how could they practice their own beliefs if one is held as the “official” religion of the state?

Perkins also mistakenly assumes there’s a “secular purpose” to prayer. How exactly does that work? I’ll let Hitchens answer that inane statement himself. Do these guys ever get tired of their own bullshit?

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    Its amazing how many of these xtian blow-hearts look at iran in pure envy as they are trying to turn this country into a xtian taliban. They are soo oooooo ignorant they do not realize that any kind of religious govenment is a very bad idea.

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    Fuck yeah! Sloppy alcoholic ass-kickers ftw! I love watching him slam this blow-dryed hair-sprayed repressed homosexual to the ground. Damn, the 80s were full of these kinds of creeps, didn’t we learn?

    Dear Mr Hitchens, thank you for helping me out with my bass-ackwards country. It’s so insane, the Brits keep knocking ’em down, and more keep popping up.

    Obligatory Dawkins vs Haggard

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    Hitchens FTW! Kick ass please, we need more atheist commandos like Hitchens who are out causing shit to be stirred. Eventually with enough stirring the shit should evaporate leaving a cleaner society behind.

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    fuck this guy is an idiot.

    if anything.. when are they going to drop this founding fathers nonsense.

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    Why are people even spending time one “news” like this? Having the national day of prayer does nothing to impede anyone’s lives. Saying the government’s promotion of this day is unconstitutional is ridiculous, many national holidays have Christian or other religious backgrounds, such as Christmas. Do we stop acknowledging Dec 25th and not have a break on school, not close businesses, etc? Besides, solve the problem by changing the name to “National Day of Remembrance” or something. Much better than wasting time over it just to get petty wins in the “seperation” debate

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    “Why are people even spending time one “news” like this?”

    Why are you spending your time commenting on “news” like this?

    Are you seriously suggesting that the separation of church and state isn’t important?

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