Satire, or the real thing?

I’ve been trying to find out whether or not this is actually parody, but it seems that Poe’s Law is in full effect yet again. His website gives no clear indication as to the intent of the music, and no one has actually come out clearly stating whether or not it’s real. The problem, as you might have guessed, is that some people go so far with their parody it’s almost impossible to distinguish satire from the real thing. I regard this kind of ambiguity with a bit of disdain; if you can’t make it obvious that you ARE satire, then what exactly is the point? You may think yourself terribly clever for tricking people, but your message will be interpreted differently by different people. It’s why gay groups still find this video offensive, even if it was meant for parody, simply because the message is not significantly different from what Evangelical Christians already preach. I’ll let you decide what category this falls on. Either way, it’s pretty damn hilarious!

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    “f you can’t make it obvious that you ARE satire, then what exactly is the point?”

    Couldn’t the point be to make it indistinguishable from the real thing? Perhaps his point wasn’t about pointing out the ridiculousness of a particular way of thinking, but rather to see how far he could stretch the bounds of satire.

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    I’m with Jordan. I’ve seen stuff like this on godtube before so it’s entirely possible that it’s real.

    I’m one of those lucky homos who can have a sense of humor about this kind of thing, but i think stuff like this (if it’s parody) does wayy more harm than good.

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    I agree with Jacob, I’m fed up of these parodies. The Xtian right is far too crazy for this type of assault to work – the real thing will always be ten times funnier (and more frightening).

    What scares me the most though, is if this video was made by genuine Xtians who think they’re making a harmless comedy song – that would be pretty creepy.

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