World Nut Daily does it again

Do you not rejoice at the endless display of insanity that is the World Net Daily? I am utterly in awe of this website’s ability to draw such a huge audience, while simultaneously being one of the ugliest, more poorly presented idiot “news” sites on the planet. It looks like the late 90’s puked all over this thing.

Today’s crusty old man with a religious chip on his shoulder is one David Kupelian, whose article “Atheists gone wild” is a must-read for anyone looking for a good laugh. It’s your typical conservative rhetoric; secularism is destroying America, and there’s a socialist agenda that aims to enslave the “free world” with things like Universal Health Care (the horror!):

And how, exactly, do atheists want to change American society and government?

The end result,” atheists claim, would be “a more peaceful and modern society,” reports the National Journal, since presumably our nation would be “less willing to embark on violent conflicts of a religious character” such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Euthanasia would be widely permitted – no ethical problems there. Pharmacists couldn’t legally refuse to fulfill birth-control prescriptions (or, presumably, chemical abortion prescriptions either) as a matter of conscience or religious faith. School science classes would be prohibited from teaching anything about the origins of life except evolution – no mention of “intelligent design” allowed. And “the Boy Scouts would lose all forms of federal support for teaching that a good Scout has a ‘duty to God.

So in other words, the guy says if atheists had their way, we would 1) not engage ourselves in war due to religion, 2) we would respect a woman’s right to control her own body, 3) we would no longer prohibit people from ending their lives if they so chose, 4) creationism would be recognized for the religious bullshit it really is, and 5) lastly, the Boy Scouts would no longer be receiving government monies for openly discriminating against non Christians and homosexuals. What a disgraceful world! It almost sounds like Sweden or something!

This nutjob continues to ramble on about how this “militant atheism”, as he calls it, is a socialist conspiracy from Washington (i.e. a government that isn’t under the direct influence of the religious right). It must be so scary for religious windbags not knowing what the future holds. The guy is even afraid some kind of clone infested, morally depraved world awaits a future generation that isn’t suffocated by the tight leash of Christianity. He doesn’t realize in countries that have abandoned such strict adherence to religious doctrine, life is actually significantly better, safer, and happier.

This kind of fear mongering is nothing entirely new; and one could argue that websites like The World Net Daily are merely trying to show the world as they see it. I have no doubt men like David Kupelian are sincere in their desire to see a just and peaceful world. The difference is that unlike him, we believe human beings are basically good, and have the ability to know right from wrong without a reliance on the ancient dogma of a Bronze age tribe. We’ve come a long way since the days where we sold our daughters into slavery, killed our neighbors for being non-believers, and stoned to death our loved ones for using the Lord’s name in vain. Hey, I wonder if there’s still a book out there that condones these kinds of atrocities…

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    Sorry, Jake, the grammar nazi atheist is back.

    -this websites ability
    -It look like the late 90’s
    -David Kupelian, who’s article

    At my going grammar-check rate of ten cents per dozen, you now owe me 3.3 cents.

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    Looks like that whole peace is just to try to get the people afraid of atheists to buy his book….. and GOD said “go out and sell them the word of god for a tidy profit”

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    At least the “nut” part of their title is fitting.

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    It seems the right is good at rallying through publicity, whats frustrating is their position is sometimes bullshit based. Education is soooo important to combat this

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    Wow, grammar nazi is so useful! Wish i’d have had him back in uni. Another religious muppet using misleading language to portray his opinion as fact. No ethical problems with euthanasia?? Just debating it and not invoking the lord would be nice… I do lol at a country where apparently pharmacists can make legal decisions based on religious faith. Do your job pharmacist! That’s what you went to school for! I don’t want no baby!

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