Hitchens on Bill Maher

Now there’s a man I would love to have a martini with. Christopher’s razor sharp wit and insight make him a formidable debater, and a staunch defender of rationalism. In this video he talks about the recent allegations against the Catholic church, and why you can’t turn your back on any religious folks! It’s a pleasure to listen, as always.

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    Hitchens’s debating skills depend on the subject. He has a great grasp on social implications of religion, but his philosophical knowledge is limited. Watch his debates against William Lane Craig – Hitch gets destroyed.

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    Love this vid, at 7:30 hitchens is funny in a hardcore atheist way! lol

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    William Whitbread

    His comments about child molestation being among the absolute worst of all crimes rings very true. You just know in your heart how wrong it is, and anyone who covers it up must have sold their soul long ago to some dark, strange place.

    I’ve always said that the worst human among us are the ones who build torture chambers in their basements … it seems to me that is precisely what the almight did when he built hell!

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