Christ-like Cruisin’

I generally dislike most hip-hop and R&B (except for my man Greydon Square), but this has to be the worst Christian music I’ve heard in a long while. Like most Jesus-junk, this testament to terrible is a reminder of the general skill level of believing musicians. Feel like making money writing music but lack the raw talent to make it big? Try Christian music instead! No one will tire of your off-key poorly produced record so long as you jerk off your music to lyrics that inspire acid redux in non-believers.

What exactly is “Christ-like cruising” anyways? Does it involve driving around in an overpriced neon monstrosity, while blaring terrible music that shakes people’s houses like they’re on the San Andreas Fault Line?  I guess that’s what cruising around like Jesus is all about; annoying the shit out of nonbelievers who simply want to enjoy their breakfast in peace on a sunny Saturday morning.
(props to God is Pretend for the find)

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    Ethan Grothues

    This is like…the epitome of horrible musi…no…sound; horrible sound. Christian ‘sound’ is a disgrace to the art of music everywhere; take your Jesus out of you ass–and your attempt at music–and actually aspire to create something meaningful! Oh my Science, it’s like they’re fucking five, banging away on kitchen pans!

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    that was sooo terrible i couldnt watch past min, then i realized why waste my time on eating shit

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    he’s no Bob Dylan

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    Funniest use of autotune ever!

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    Funny, I listen to mostly christian metal/hardcore JUST BECAUSE it’s SO much better than regular metal/hardcore, for the most part (It probably doesn’t REALLY have anything to do with the fact that they are christian… or, well… I don’t know). But regardless, that clearly doesn’t apply to Christian hip hop, that was pretty horrible… 😛

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    OMFG plz kill him!

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    Rasmus, can you post some band names so that I could find some songs and listen to them? The main stream Christian rock bands today that I’ve listened seem to suck hard compaired to the classic ones like Stryper & Kansas.

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    Crust-Like Crusin

    nothing communicates a message like inconsiderate conspicuous consumption… ugh. B-Shoc = misguided scum.

    @Gauldar, Rasmus- sucking “compared to Stryper” is some family-sized sucking. I’d recommend [from various past metallic genres]:

    Slayer, Iron Maiden, Amebix, Rammstein, Neurosis, Reagan Youth, Toxic Reasons, Young Livers (hardcore)…

    All vary in speed/production/HC influence, etc. One or more will probably be worthy, give them each a try.

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    Inspired by this video, I have formulated Michael’s Law. It is as such:

    The talent posessed by the artist is inversely proportional to the amount of time that autotuning is used.



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    This song rocks, and why yall dissing?

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    A good athiest doesn’t need to bash, criticize, or tell faultfinding lies about Christians. Christians generally don’t drive Neon SRT-4s, They also don’t blast their music as loud as athiests do. Why don’t we pain in the butt, selfish, and miserable athiests just crucify Christians like they do in Iran, China, and other countries? That’s what we did to Jesus. Are athiests jealous because they somehow can’t intellecturally or emotionally grasp Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity? I’m sure that Christ-Like cruising means that people show respect and unselfishness toward their fellow man while driving. Leave the Chrisitans alone!

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