Buddhist monk nabbed in child sex ring

If you’re a pedophile on the prowl, you’ll find no better haven for your sick and twisted desires than Thailand, where abject poverty and corrupt police allow foreign pederasts to take advantage of abandoned children. The latest scandal involves a Buddhist monk who would lure young boys to his lair where his partner would farm them out to sex tourists. The pair has been arrested, but this is only one bit of good news in a country that struggles to properly deal with child sex trafficking.

Thailand is trying to take a hard stance against the sexual trafficking of minors, offering up chemical castration and even the death penalty for repeated offenders. Still, the fact that people in places of high authority abuse their positions makes this kind of crime hard to fight; Buddhist monks are among the most trusted members of society, and you have to wonder how many more are using that trust to further the abuse of little children. Congratulations religion for proving once again you have no special monopoly on morality.

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    “If your a pedophile”? I might have to take this off my blogroll for that kind of error.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Ah grammar nazis. A dime a dozen…

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    Not that cheap! I cost a quarter. XD

    It looks better with the correction.

    I spent a little time poking around to see if this was an isolated incident, and found people on Thai forums complaining about abusive monks, and problems that weren’t being publicized. Just another example that any authority figure should be held to checks and balances, and religious figures need to be answerable to civil law just like the rest of us.

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    joe botelho

    i guess the kids got to rub something other then BUDDA’S BELLY?

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    Al Olmstead

    Having lived in Bangkok for a considerable time, I do not object to your analogy of pedophiles with what amount to vultures feeding off the youthful carrion of society. I do object to your failure to ask what kind of society allows its youth to become carrion in the first place, especially when that society knows full well about waiting vultures. Do you know how much it costs to buy a child out of prostitution where his/her parents sold him/her in order to get the money needed to buy seed for next season’s crop? I do because I did it. The price ain’t cheap because there is a very long list of upper-class vultures willing to pay a high price for their next hot-looking young morsel. The parents knew that when they sold the kid; that’s why they sold the prettiest girl or studliest boy they had. You’re playing silly, superficial games with a topic vastly more complicated than you appear to know.

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