Brilliant article compares gay rights to interracial marriage

There are few people with common sense who would disagree with the argument gay marriage is as much a civil rights issue as interracial marriages were a few decades ago. To illustrate this point, a columnist called Trevor Boeckmaan recently wrote a brilliant article trying to argue against people of different color getting married. He uses the same arguments “traditional marriage” folks like throw around, and as you might imagine, it’s a powerful indictment of the bigotry and intolerance of the religious right:

The dangers of interracial marriage are well-established. Miscegenation is an untested social experiment that puts our future generations at risk. A 1968 study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease overviews the hazards interracial marriage poses on children. The burden of not having a race to call their own is often overwhelming. The Los Angeles County General Hospital reported their children’s psychiatry ward was full of interracial children. This should come as no surprise; deviating from what God intended can have dire consequences. No moral society should impose these consequences on children.

I strongly recommend you go read the rest of this article, it’s worth it!

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    “Anyone who favors interracial marriages must also support polygamy and incestuous marriages as well.”

    WOW, I mean I don’t know if this is called racism or not but I know for sure it is truly fucked! I remember (although by no means is it accurate and i cant remember the source), that if we all procreated with someone of a different colour then we would all be indistinguishable in regards ‘race’ within three generation. Sounds like a grand idea!

    I mean, I do support polygamy (although not religion supported as this has additional connotations), that is to say “what ever works” (Woody Allen film), and interracial marriage is as awesome as anything I can think off, but incestuous marriage… that is just too far for even me!

    Anyway, fun read but depressing for anyone who knows the author and is not a ‘straight’, white, Christian, closed minded bigot.

    Cheers for the article.

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    Joe Botelho

    Is it incestuous if i bang my first cousin?
    She is a 8 and i’m barely a 5.

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    This just blows my mind… I mean, srsly? Is ‘interracial’ a word people even use today??

    The gay marriage issues aside, someone who still uses that word should never be taken seriously today.

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    i think that gay marriage should be allowed in certain states but not in other states ,~~

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