Richard Dawkins wants to arrest the Pope

It looks like someone is finally taking a stand against Pope Benedict XVI for his role in covering up the abuse of children, and it’s none other than atheist superstar Richard Dawkins. Along with Christopher Hitchens, the pair is trying to see if they can get the UK government to arrest the pontiff when he comes to visit in September to beatify some 19th century theologian no one actually gives a shit about. Since the Vatican isn’t actually recognized by the UN as it’s own state, he wouldn’t be able to claim diplomatic immunity, making his arrest a real possibility. Now all they need to find is a prosecutor with some balls, and then we can all sit back and witness something spectacular; a religious leader actually being held responsible for his actions.

Now before we all get too excited, you have to wonder what the backlash from this is going to be. There are still lots of Catholics willing to defend Benedict no matter how guilty he is for the simple reason they are convinced as an avatar of God, he is quite literally infallible. Luckily, the Vatican seems to be in complete denial over the seriousness of these allegations, so my guess is they won’t even take this threat seriously until it’s too late.

I’m not sure how all of this is going to go down, but with Dawkins on the case, it’s safe to say he isn’t going to let this thing slide that easily. Good luck you beautiful British bastard!

NOTE: Evidently, it was too good to be true. Oh cruel world, why must you toy with my emotions so?

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    Eh… It’s not as much Dawkins arresting the pope, just that he was interested in what Hitchens wants to do.

    “Here is what really happened. Christopher Hitchens first proposed the legal challenge idea to me on March 14th. I responded enthusiastically, and suggested the name of a high profile human rights lawyer whom I know.”

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    Oh please, please, PLEASE…. If there REALLY IS a god, this will all work out and the Pope will be charged.

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    Roxanne R

    Man! Why’d you have to ruin it for me. I was so hoping this story was true. I couldn’t wait to follow the pope’s visit to the UK. I’m still gonna follow it anyways, just in the hopes that someone throws an egg or two at his little pedophile pope-mobile.

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    The story is true Roxanne, its just not Dawkins who is fronting it.

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    Or rather I am wrong. How fast news can travel. BBC had it as did many other. Well now that is has been said, surely people can see that it has to be. Swimming in the world of online news is treacherous.

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    Surely if Dawkins and Hitchens were planning on ambushing the Pope, they wouldn’t publicise it…

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    J. N. Hudson

    I don’t think it matters so much whether or not the UN recognizes the Vatican, but rather how the UK or EU veiw the Vatican as a political entity and whether or not they extend sovereign immunity to visiting heads of state. As much as I would like to see it happen I highly doubt that the UK, or any other european country will invite the political and religious backlash that would inevitably result from the arrest and detention of the sitting patriarch of any major organized religion.

    In my personal opinion it would be far more effective to apply diplomatic pressure on the Vatican, either by rebuffing the papal Nuncio (Literally “Messenger”, the Vatican’s equivalent of an ambassador)or declaring him Persona Non Grata and internal pressure through the largely moderate to liberal catholic laity on the pope to resign.

    It’s all wishful thinking though, it’s unlikely that Pope Benedict XVI will resign and it’s even more unlikely that the College of Cardinals will let him resign since it would be the death knell for the catholic church. It would essentially be admitting that the pope is not god’s handpicked representative and that the authority claimed by the papacy and the church is little more than smoke and mirrors.

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    joe botelho

    I will say it again NO MONEY NO CHURCH. We have to find a way to bleed these bastards of there funds. Where are all the ethucal hackers out there stop stealing my credit card number and start fucking with the Pedio church of jesus lovers.

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    I always forget that The Times is a Murdoch paper!

    Whether this is true or not it is extremely doubtful the pope would be arrested. There is far too much religious sensitivity for that to happen. But if this story continues with the publicity showing the Catholic church for exactly what it is, I welcome it.

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    There is no end to that road. Gasp ! You might as well suggest that G W Bush be arrested & tried for his war crimes in Iraq.

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