Dog-piss Jesus

If you’re looking for proof the human race is doomed for failure, look no further than this story: for those of you unfamiliar with Spanish, the locals in the video have all crowded to see what they believe is the latest apparition of Jesus; a rather large pee stain left by a dog with a significantly large bladder. As you can see from the footage, some of these confused idiots are praying and even touching the stain, convinced their Savior is trying to send them a message of hope. What kind of a lame ass God needs to communicate through the urine of a canine? Religious people are weird…

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    Ethan Grothues

    Dog pisses on a Rock; Jesus speaks! But what does this really confirm? That Jesus’ words are only worth what a doG can piss…I wonder if that pooch urinated three times? It looks quite like the resemblance of Jesu Christo, all urinary and runny. You know, all those clear and non-vague photographs we have of him throughout his life–should we say Pharaoh-graphs–with the well documented biography; let me add. Rather mysterious, “On this Rock I shall piss your savior, In the Name of the Bitch, The Litter, and the wet grass where I pooh; Please don’t let me get stuck again, Jesus, when I have unprotected sex with another stray God…Dog, I mean Dog.

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    these people are imbecilles. what else is there to say?

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