Child bride dies of internal bleeding

I’m officially ready to throw up all over the place after reading this story; a 12 year old Yemeni girl recently died of internal injury after her “husband” (a man more than twice her age) decided to consummate their recent marriage. Kids being married to much older men is a pretty serious problem in the country, and the government has been slow to change the legal age of consent due to religious conservatives fighting these measures; it seems the faithful aren’t too happy at thoughts of the government forbidding them to forcefully have sex with little girls. Go figure!

If you think that’s horrifying (which it is), consider the fact the tradition is as old (if not older) than Islam; Mohammed’s favorite wife was 6 years old when he married her, and if it wasn’t for the fact she was sick when they married, he probably would haven’t have waited until she was 9 to make that marriage “official”. Most moderate Muslims don’t really like to talk about Aisha and the disturbing fact their prophet was basically a pedophile, although in countries like Yemen they seem actually proud of the fact they are legally allowed to marry and fuck children.

What a dark and disturbing place the world would be without religion to show us the light, eh?

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    Is Yemen also a place where they sew girls up when they are little?

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    Ethan Grothues

    I can’t help but find synonymy with the under-written, dark-side of the leading, religious prophets; Mohammed and Aisha; Jesus and Mark’s naked youth–spending the night were you! Teaching naked boys the ‘mystery’ of the ‘Kingdom of God’, were you!–it alright we’ll let the Pope handle this one; oh wait…

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    Catholic pedopiles and now muslim pedophiles. Just how is religion showing people how to live their lives better?

    There os a Catholic church in my town (rural Australia btw) that has signs posted in the windows sayong “these allegations against the church are outright lies” and “benedict for saint”. It took all my will to stop myself tearing them down, because that would violate their “freedoms”

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