Bill Donohue does it again!

I dream of the day when I no longer have to say the name Bill Donohue, for every time I do, a little bit of sick makes its way into my mouth. The fact that mainstream media continues to give him a platform to speak proves how shallow and uneducated they are. The latest words out of his poisonous mouth regarding the allegations of priestly sexual abuse (the subsequent attempt to conceal these activities) goes something like this: It wasn’t child rape because the kids were post-pubescent at the time (and were therefore just “sexy” teenagers).

Maybe Bill is a little confused as to the relative age of consent. According to him, if you’re above 12 years of age and a clergyman forcefully shoves his dick in your mouth, it’s in actually consensual gay sex (and silly you for thinking otherwise!). So in Bill’s view, the controversy surrounding the Vatican isn’t about child rape, but homosexuality.

Surely there are Catholics out there who are genuinely disgusted and outraged Bill could say such a thing while representing the interest of their institution. Unfortunately for them, the ones in power have no real interest in seeking justice for the victims; they simply want to avoid having to admit their culpability and end up paying billions of dollars in compensation. They would rather blame everything on gays and atheists rather than take a long hard look at the corruption and rot present in their own church.

Keep being the same old you, Bill. You do more to help atheism than you can possibly imagine.

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    I feel lucky to have never seen this guy. But really, the way this shit is going I think if I did see this guy saying these things, i would loose it. Vatican City being a country is surely the only reason this can’t make it back to the pope, I mean seriously do Catholics actually analyze this stuff for what it is? I’d have to say if they did there would be no Catholic church. Otherwise, it’s difficult to be humanist with such a high number of people who are too the core… just wrong.

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    Unfortunately I think we’re going to have to put with him for a while. He’s only 62 and thanks to medical science he’ll probably be spouting the crazy talk for another 40 years. If he was closer to Pat Robertson’s age I could look forward to a time when I never have to listen again.

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    there is no priestly or institutional crime donohue will not defend and spin and attempt to justify. he was on with louis ck on the radio once and louis was just tearing into the guy.

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    Ugh, That man is a disgusting blight on humanity. I have to say, I attend Catholic school (I know, I know-not my choice.) and most Catholics I know are truly disgusted with the paedophila scandals and with the subsequent attempts to cover it up. After all, most religious people are delusioned- not evil.

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    shaun mcneil

    I have often thought that the best thing that can happen for the downfall of religion is for the religious to become outspoken, not just take their beliefs seriously – but act on them.

    I have been sick to my stomach the last couple weeks from thinking about the horrendous morality of the religious …this only adds fuel to the un-pepto-able nausea

    rape is better than rape? homosexuality is not a sin?

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    Joe Botelho

    The man is defending his believes and that’s his right. What should happen is all the cathloics who are not raping kids should stop giving the church money. Stop going to church period if north americains stop paying for the huge settlements then the vatican is going to go tits up. They may be gaining converts in africa but lets be honest aficans are poor so who cares if poor people are catholic. With out money the Church will fall. Stop giving your tax dollars to Seprate School Boards as well Ontario.

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    jaeger cormack

    This is hurrendous bullshit, people who believe in God should be executed pants down Roman style. What the fuck is wrong in their heads to throw science in the garbage for hebrew mind fucking. I’d rather see on TV those who took something from education and didn’t piddle it all away in bible comics and handshakes with fellow idiots.

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    I was watching him on Larry King when he said that. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. WTF! I guess if you have some pubes you’re just asking for it. Is there anything the Catholic Church could do that would disgust him? Apparently not. They’ve gone as low as you can go.

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    Catherine Dunphy

    Maybe it’s not just religion that we need to criticize and question, but all of society and how we live. If anyone else has heard of child love(or people who call themselves child lovers) then you already know just how many people think that once a child is a certain age they should be allowed to ‘consent’ to sexual acts. Obviously it’s still rape, assault, disgusting, as there is no way these people were old enough to understand in full what was occuring them at the time, most likely reliving it a thousand times before realizing just how fucked up it was.

    I’m wondering why it’s ‘accepted’ by certain people, why and how religion comes into it, and why we’re not also looking at things like the breakdown of families and how isolated and alone people are in the world. I mean, what else factors in? Or is relgion really that fucked up?

    I’m raising a child on my own and he’s been abandoned and left by so many people in his short life, that I worry if some perv promised him all these great things that he’d let them rape him or sexually abuse him because so often when a person is being abused, it’s because they think it’s the only love type of love they deserve. So how do I, as a parent, protect my broken hearted child from becoming some dirty religious perverts prey? When parents don’t even care about their own children, how are they being educated and protected and learning how to honour and respect their bodies ? ? ?

    Why aren’t the parents taking responsibility for any of this?


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    Cheryl Song

    Joe Botelho makes an excellent point. It’s time for good and honorable people who deplore child rape, rampant discrimination, and medical malpractice (vis a vis condom misinformation) to make a good soul search and decide they must make their voices heard. Stop giving the church money. Tell others that you have chosen to do so, and why. Make the separation formal, as in this moving piece.

    Dear Catholic Church: Excommunicate Me

    It is truly amoral to stand by and do nothing as tens of thousands of children’s lives are thrown away with such disregard.

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    Bill Donohue is a FUCKING BASTARD who probably got fucked by his priest when he was growing up and so now, in order to avoid the reality of that trauma, Billy is struck with Stockholm Syndrome.

    The church’s true colors are being laid out for all to see. Hopefully, this will awaken people from their slumber.

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