TGA Podcast: Episode 88

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist Podcast. On today’s show, Ryan and I talk about the Pope and his inability to accept reality, why NZ still has a lot of growing up to do, why Americans are still crazy, and how Thomas Paine never got a break (or why pamphlets used to be awesome). It’s 30 minutes of TGA gold, so don’t miss out.

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    Joe Botelho

    It’s good to hear ryans voice again. i was wondering if you guess would ever think of having a religous person as a co host? Shouldn’t be hard you guys live in Montreal. Also Kick Ass hasn’t even come out yet how were you guys suppose to go see it?

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    Catherine Dunphy

    You guys should check out Jaeger Cormack, he listens to you all the time and got me listening… he’s one of the most intelligent and harsh atheists I’ve ever met.

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    Anonymous Atheist

    As a left-oriented American, I fully agree with Ryan’s comments in this show about the toxic scary American political atmosphere.

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