City council tries to change Good Friday to “Spring Holiday” and fails

“Good Friday” is creepy. As a holiday, I’d say it ranks pretty high up on the weirdo-meter (the biggest one in my book is the cryptic and disturbing celebration of Passover, where Jews celebrate God killing the first born children of Egyptians and “passing over” their own kids). For starters, millions of Catholics celebrate the crucifiction of their messiah, as though his supposed torture and eventual death is something to celebrate. The big joke, of course, is that Easter is nothing more than a pagan holiday, but you can’t seem to convince the faithful that their precious celebration is nothing more than a copyright infringement.

In an effort to try and show some degree of neutrality towards religion, the city council of Davenport, Iowa tried to change “Good Friday” on their municipal calendar to simply “Spring Holiday”. As you can guess, religious folks totally lost their shit, and forced city officials to change it back. They now say that the name change was “an error”.

Just another example of tantrum religious people have whenever they aren’t shown any special treatment. They might frame it as a religious rights issue, but I don’t exactly see a lot of Christians fighting for the rights of other religious denominations to have their holidays officially recognized by the government. Bunch of crybabies.

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    are you kidding? they aren’t asking for special treatment, they just want the name to remain as it was…it is dumb to think you can change the name of a holiday and that makes it so it isn’t a religious holiday.
    I am athiest and still don’t think that peoples right to celebrate their religiouse holidays should be infringed uppn byt he PC police!

    May I suggest some name changes? Lets change: Ramadan to early fall holiday; Yom Kippur to fall holiday; Cinco De Mayo to the late spring holiday; and, Kwanzaa to winter holiday! After all, it is all the rave! First it was changing Christmas to winter holiday and now it is changing Good Friday to Spring Holiday….I wouldn’t want other religions and ethnic groups to miss out on this politically correct activity!

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    What ever they call it. I just want my holiday.

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    Zombie Jesus

    @Brenda Those holidays are not statutory holidays. While they are recognized as being granted a religious allowance, I don’t remember schools closiing and businesses shutting down (or paying stat. holiday pay scales) for Cinco de Mayo.

    Also, I don’t see you up in arms about the Winter Solstice being changed to Christmas. But I guess that didn’t take place in your time so it doesn’t count. Luckily, the Solstice is dynamic, something that religion never had a taste for. But Happy Winter Solstice to you. May you delight in ignorance in your campaign against the PC police.

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    I live about 20 miles from Davenport, and was pretty happy to hear they wanted to change the holiday!

    But then I was depressed that I live in an area so completely overrun by Christianity that they won’t even concede a shitty holiday….

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    Brenda: They weren’t taking away anyone’s right to celebrate their religious holiday.

    Personally I feel sorry for the poor pagans 🙁

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    Pardon me while I go perform my fertility ritual…

    But what god(dess) do I choose?

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    Although their hearts and minds were in the right place renaming Good Friday, what they essentially did was delete the holiday and replace with another one. It’s naive of them to think they’d have gotten away with it.

    Instead what needs to happen is a gradual usurpation of mind share; e.g. make the holiday about something else:

    I’m on the west coast of Canada, and the last long weekend we got out here was New Year’s. After three months without a few days off in a row, March 2nd will most definitely be a good Friday.

    Let’s keep the name, but change the meaning to something the average person can relate to; let’s make Good Friday/Easter about colourful baskets filled with delicious chocolate, and a long weekend for the Monday to Friday people and stat pay for everyone else.

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    Hey let’s look at the bright side of good Friday – Christ is dead for the weekend… let’s party!

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    Good Friday is a very dark and haunting day because of what humanity did to Christ…brutally murdered Him – a scene which people making trite comments about here would have to turn away from in horror if they were witness to it. The reason Christians honor this day is because He went through such a death so that WE would not have to. The premise of Easter: Jesus in my place. His death made eternal life possible for those who would receive it, and His death showed us the infinite amount of love He has for us, to suffer and endure hatred like He did for US. That is why we honor Good Friday. And of course, we know that the grave did not defeat Him because He rose on the third day, and that is a part of Good Friday as well…anticipating His resurrection…knowing He is alive and active in our lives today.

    As for changing the name of it, Good Friday, to something less “religious”…take the label off of it..I agree, Christians should not be so bent on keeping labels. What should be more important to us is the meaning, not the words we use to describe it.

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    Rene @ stammering

    How bizarre, your article made me seriously crave a burger.

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