Pope thinks abuse scandal is “petty gossip”

It must be nice to not have to answer to any authority whatsoever when you’ve committed a series of heinous crimes. While the secular world tries to grow enough balls to bring Pope Benedict XVI to justice (I really wouldn’t hold my breath, people), the pontiff is still free to try and play down the seriousness of the allegations against him and other senior officials in the Vatican. Recently, the Pope sent out a broadcast on Vatican radio praying for the victims of earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and for “all the victims of child abuse”.

Isn’t just like a Christian to do something wrong and then ask for forgiveness? It’s a lot easier than actually bothering to do the right thing or actually bothering to pay for your crimes. Hey, don’t they believe a 2000 year old dead Jewish guy has already paid for their past and future sins? Must be nice to not have to deal with anything and instead beg some invisible sky-daddy to be absolved.

During his address, he stated “From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip”. Yes, I’m sure it takes a lot of courage for you to simply ignore your role in furthering abuse by priests, and harboring them from prosecution. You’re so brave! All that “petty gossip” about hundreds and thousands of kids being abused must really bother you when you’re enjoying all the luxuries afforded by your position.

Every time this sack of shit opens his mouth, he’s sending a big “fuck you” to the rest of the world that doesn’t believe in his fairytale bullshit. We’re too damn gutless here in the West to do anything about it, lest it offend people of “religious faith”. Yep, because he’s a religious leader, we’ll kick up some dust and condemn his actions, but it’s doubtful we’ll have the balls to do much more. If we could finally start standing up to these religious loonies, we would live in a much different world, that’s for damn sure.

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    I fucking love the RATzinger bashing! If only we could get him to call into your show Jacob

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    Why do they keep saying that because he is a head of state no criminal charges could be brought against him? It looks like America has another country it can invade and change it’s leadership. In some alternate universe there is an America launching commandos on the Vatican taking down a bunch of old disgusting perverted old men. Ahhh…..alas, it’s just a dream.

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    I really can’t get enough of the Ratzinger trash talk! Keep in coming! The Catholic Church is an institutionalized sexual predator. Any Catholic that gives money to these scumbags is culpable in the continuing cover-up and protection of criminals who ass-fuck innocent children until their rear ends are literally bleeding. Can’t the UN or somebody bring these creeps to justice???

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    What Trending right now

    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insight at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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