NZ Christians won’t allow woman the right to end her own life

When health care reform was first proposed in the United States, one of the talking points raised by conservative idiots trying to scare the general public was the dreaded “death panels“, a supposed government entity that would be “whacking” old people willy-nilly. Rational minded policy makers failed to dissuade the public (who were spoon-fed this nonsense by right wing talking heads) that this threat was simply a fabrication. The controversy ended up being about “end of life” services; essentially giving people the ability to chose when they want to stop receiving treatment for terminal ailments, rather than letting the choice be made by other people. It’s a responsible way to look at the realities of death; not everyone wants to keep fighting when they’ve been in pain their whole lives.

In the end, the real controversy about “end of life” services is actually over the fact the religious right abhors euthanasia, which they regard simply as “a sin”. Take the story of this New Zealand woman who can’t seem to be able to die in peace: After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage 20 years ago and living in pain ever since, she’s recently decided to stop eating and simply let herself die. Her own fellow citizens, however, are trying to prevent this, motivated by the primitive thought a supernatural being would not approve of her actions:

Margaret’s life is important, she is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s loving creation. The taking of one’s life is contrary to the moral law. Our life is a gift from God. We are but stewards, not owners, of the life God has entrusted to us. The decision to kill oneself, is not a rational decision. She has been assessed by psychiatrists as being lucid, but was she also assessed as being severely depressed and if so, why is she not being treated for this condition?

The problem for these religious folks trying to force Margaret Page to eat is this is actually a form of assault in their country, so although it’s apparently illegal for someone to kill themselves (a law I’ve come to realize is entirely motivated by religious sentiments), it’s also illegal to shove food down their gullets to keep them alive. Hello paradox!

The doctors may still choose to keep her alive if she become unconscious from malnutrition, since it’s unlikely they would be charged with assault (I’m hoping of course this won’t happen). The religious organization “Right to Life” is asking the authorities to save her, but when is someone actually going to bother to listen to the person who’s actually living that life? She no longer wants to suffer and wishes to die, but religious opposition is making even this simple request impossible. This is the degree of control religion wants to have over every single human being. They may mask it under the guise of “respecting life”, but their need to dominate all aspects of human life makes it impossible for them to respect anyone’s right to actually make their own choices.

**NOTE** She recently succeeded in choosing to end her own life. You can read all about it here.

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    This was on the NZ news recently, apparently they will let her starve herself and when she slips out of consciousness they will take her to the hospice to die.
    The quote you put in above mentions that she is depressed and the religious idiots question why she hasn’t been treated for this condition. Are they fucking retarded, shes depressed and wants to die because her life is shit, its in no way a normal human life and our brains just don’t like the kind of crap she has had to endure. How dare they push their “the life god has entrusted to us” bull shit onto us, they are so certain they are right that they want to make people live in a body that tortures the mind.
    Religion is slowly dieing in NZ and i cant wait to see it as a minority, which i believe will happen in my life.

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    Guy Lafleur is my dad

    Id be more impressed with the site if you actually had balls and were an equal opportunity dick.

    Gay priest jokes are cool but your love of Mohammed and his virgin lovin followers is truly weak. Gates of Vienna and other blogs could keep your site rolling 24/7 with examples of asshattery supreme but a group that of all the retarded groups out there is a notch above the rest.
    Then again, you dont want some retarded towel head to go on a jihad so i get the fear.

    And havent found one thing about the ‘chosen people’. Again, I presume fear (not of being killed like the other jackoffs but of being sued) plays a role in this because god knows (he must be real because all that middle east shit is due to both side of idiots having their own mythology), the racist fuckheads have enough of their own non-bacon eating lunacy.
    God loves us all but he loves US the most….. fucking pieces of shit. You cant get away nowadays being a racist and not allowing your daughter to ride the black sausage but the jews can just flat ass say, “We dont like you because youre not of the tribe.”
    I still cant decide who is the biggest moron at work: the bitch that a coworker at work is going to marry and asked him to convert even though he openly and loudly was an atheist his whole life or the fucking moron who accepted to CUT A PIECE OF HIS DICK OFF to join a groups of retards whose beliefs he holds in contempt.

    What about buddhists?
    Another group of lunatics reincarnating into microwaves where the holy asshole is revered even though he had slaves until his late 20’s. Yes, we are peaceful douchebags but its ok to have slaves because we are holy fuckers. Seriously, why do these buttwipes get a free pass? Their retardation is intensely insane.

    Well, it would have been gutsy 3 years ago but now even network TV feels free to call their Xenu loving shit.

    You want to be nothing more than johnny come lately who is rehashing the same shit? Fine. Oooh look, priest peepee jokes.

    But you have tons of available material which you arent using because youre too spineless to attack certain topics.

    There is a word for people like you: poseurs (see Bono).
    You try to project an image but dont have the courage to back it up.

    Weak ass shit is a weak ass merde, no matter how much you justify it.

    You want to see how this shit is done?
    Listen to fucking Doug Stanhope, No Refunds from 2007 is great but all his live shit has stuff you’d wanna rip off.
    If youre gonna used rehashed shit, you might as well rip off the best.

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    All this woman has to say is she’s fasting for Jesus and they will leave her alone.

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    Well, Margaret Page just died last night. Sad, but at least she got what she wanted: an end to her suffering.

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    @Guy Lafleur is my dad …what are you on ? So much anger. Calm down mate…you sound as crazy as those towel mofos you’re talking about. Take a hard look at your self and wake the hell up.

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