Bill Donohue blames parents for priestly abuse

Oh Bill, will you ever stop being such an ignorant piece of crap? Here he is blaming the families of raped children for failing to “report” the abuses to the authorities. Well, in case he forgot, it’s not easy to stand up to the Church when you’re a believer, and the children who suffered those abuses were also told to keep their mouths shut. You wouldn’t want to actually blame the rapists themselves, or even the institution that allowed their crimes to continue unhindered, Bill. Clearly, it’s the fault of the parents for popping out such attractive and sexually desirable kids in the first place, am I right?

(props to Atheist Media Blog for the find)

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    once again Donahue proves himself to be the master apologists for the RCC and the Pope. it must be nice to be infallable. (Oh, only the real Pope gets that talent) I hink the South Park guys were on to something a few years ago when the took their knives to that self righteous POS

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    Roy Sablosky

    The pope himself is also on record blaming the parents. From his letter to the Irish: “To parents: … In today‚Äôs world it is not easy to build a home and to bring up children. They deserve to grow up in security, loved and cherished, with a strong sense of their identity and worth. They have a right to be educated in authentic moral values rooted in the dignity of the human person, to be inspired by the truth of our Catholic faith and to learn ways of behaving and acting that lead to healthy self-esteem and lasting happiness. This noble but demanding task is entrusted in the first place to you, their parents.”

    In other words: What is wrong with you? How could you let this happen?

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    There have been many chances for this to have been dealt with before. The pope, even up to about a week ago, could still have made an announcement that there would be a radical investigation, de-frocking and co-operation with police.

    Instead all we get is “boo hoo it’s the fault of the parents” and “it’s the media’s fault for hounding us”.

    Absolutely disgusting. Surely it is time for Catholics to take a long, hard look at their religion and what it really is…

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    Is it me or does Donohue just shout everything in that clip

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