Sinead O’Connor was way ahead of her time

Man, remember when Sinead O’Connor tore up the picture of Pope John Paul II saying “fight the real enemy”? Well imagine she did that same stunt today but with Raztinger’s picture instead; I’m not sure she would cause as big a firestorm now. I can’t imagine how much courage it took back then to take a stand against such a large institution, but we owe a lot to the bravery of folks like Sinead who chose to speak their mind even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. It might seem trivial today to be able to call on the resignation and punishment of religious leaders over their treatment of children, but only a decade ago that was some pretty taboo shit.

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    Here is a link to her appearence on SNL:


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    Yes, but if memory serves, she only hates the pope cuz she was a protestant.

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    Well actually, I think she still identifies herself as a Catholic, and wishes to “rescue God from religion” – that kind of takes the sting out of it for me. She’s gay too remember, which makes it all the more puzzling. Why do people who understand and recognize the harm and prejudice of religion persist in their belief?

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    Sorry, that should be “Why do SOME people who understand and recognize the harm and prejudice of religion persist in their belief?

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    Yeah she’s not really an anti-religion campaigner, quite the opposite. I like the fact that she hates the pope, but from what i’ve read about her, she’s really quite unintelligent and as brainwashed as other of this ‘god’s’ sycophants.

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    Sinead has bounced around, faithwise. She’s been kicked around, too. 🙁
    Most I [& I] hear from her now is on a college radio reggae show…

    Yup, RASTAFARIAN Sinead. Not the most “queer-friendly” religion…[head scratch]. Celebrities can be such case studies.

    Still, pope ripping was a gutsy move. In reruns, SNL substituted a performance of her holding a picture of a malnourished African child.

    Droppin’ factoids. It’s why i’m here. ;P

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    It’s odd, I was a child when this was all going down and I remember being confused why she ripped up a picture of the pope. I remember mostly getting answers from other religious folks saying “she’s just a spiteful angry person” or “she’s confused”. It wasn’t until later that I realized she did it because the catholic church was abusing children. The media and the people around me all painted it to be as if she was just “angry” without describing what caused that anger. They mostly focused on the controversy of “how dare she rip up a picture of the pope!?” without confronting the issue of “what was her reason for ripping up the picture of the pope”.

    It’s funny, now I see so much reporting on the Catholic abuse cases. It’s hard to think that, back then… things like that were hushed up even in the media and even when big stars like Sinead tried to help bring them to light.

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    Don Kroner

    I thought Sinead was a man there for a moment.

    She had lots of resolve to stand up for what she believed in.

    At the same time when she sings she sounds like a nasty cat being smashed up inside of a potato sack with hammers.

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