TGA Podcast: Episode 87 1/2

After a 2 week break, The Good Atheist Bonus show is back, and in full form. This week, Ryan and I answer a fan question about how to deal with the death of a loved one, and why we have ‘relationships’ with them even after they die. Also on the agenda, we continue to talk about the insane controversy in the Vatican over Pope Benedict’s willful protection of known pedophiles.

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    jaeger cormack

    sarah silverman made a video about selling the vatican. i think that shit should be dismantled and all priests put in jail for child abuse support. i guess you have to believe in god to know the goodness in covering up and allowing “child rape”. i say no more pope shows. if we convert joe blow next door playing nintendo maybe he will wake up and the pope will have too many enemies to eat off gold plates. put all the child rapers in the vatican and blow it up. make a naturalist park for those who love nature and not bullshit.

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    On the marrying Jesus topic, you know there is a ritual in which some nuns are ritually married to Jesus. Little creepy but you know…

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    Bill Giovinetti

    How do I get to the actual bonus show? I’m a yearly member abnd have logged in. The link: is circular. I can never reach the actual bonus show.

    Any Ideas?

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    Barry Dick

    Its part of the footer of every podcast post… look at the links.

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    BJ Price
    A lecture series on death and dying. Not as morbid as it sounds and a ‘must see’ since it will be happening to all of us. Also covers the mind/body problem of dualism.

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