Tim Tebow gets put in his place

After the Super-bowl annoyance that was the Tebow’s message that abortion is wrong, it’s nice to know he’s on the receiving end (is that a good football pun?) for once. While taking something called the “Wonderlic” test (sounds pretty sexual, that’s all I’m saying), he asked everyone else in the room for a small prayer. He was politely told to “shut the fuck up“, which was immediately followed by a roar of laughter from everyone else in the room. It’s all about enjoying the little moments in life, people.

Guess what Tim; not everyone likes when you make everything about God. Who knows, maybe Timmy will learn not everyone on this planet believes in the same nonsense he does, and he’s just going to have to live with that fact. Man, if he doesn’t, I pity any team stuck with this annoying proselytizer as a quarterback.

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    he is not good enough to be a quarterback in the nfl. if he plays it’ll be in canada.

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    Thanks Jake for posting this. It made me smile even though I am currently wearing a Gators shirt. I love Tebow as a football player but it is such a pain knowing he is uber-christian. It’s great to know someone said, “shut the fuck up.” I played football at a private college and it was so awkward at the end of every practice they made everyone say the Lord’s Prayer. I usually just stood there saying nothing, hoping some religious meathead didn’t call me out for it…so awkward.

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    Reverend Clint

    Hey Tebow “Shut the Fuck Up”… best line yet

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    Jim T

    Turns out this was bullshit. Too bad makes a great atheist story

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