This guy is a gigantic piece of shit

So, according to this piece of shit, the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda is right by the Bible, so it must be right by him. Of course, I don’t see him in favor of stoning disobedient children, people who grow different crops in their fields, or folks who wear cloths made of more than one fiber (I’m guessing his jacket alone would merit the death penalty). Most depressing part of the video: when the guy uses the words of Martin Luther King to defend his bigotry and ask for Uganda to stay on the “right side of history”. If he means right as in political fascism, then yes, stick the course you’re on, Uganda! Man, my head is fucking spinning…

If you think this is a joke, or deliberate satire (Poe’s law), keep in mind this appeared on the ultra conservative blog, World Net Daily. Yes folks, there really are people this messed up.

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    I was already to dismiss this guy until I saw his spanking vid – wow, this dude is totally snapping!He’s funky! He’s spunky! He’s happening! He’s taken it to the kidz in the street! Heez reduced the qwalty of me inglish innit!

    EDIT: On reflection, I think this guy may be a gigantic pillock.

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    Yeah this guy has been really pissing me off recently, someone needs to parody this right now . . .

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    Does he even know what homosexuality is?!

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    Isaac, this is coming from the guy who is defending a country that calls gay men ‘back stabbers’. I doubt he knows any more about homosexuality than he does physics, or crayons.

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    JM Black

    Any ideas what that tattoo on his arm says? “Fuckwad?” “Butch,” perhaps? Or is it something more practical like “If found, please return to…?”

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    I watched one of his other videos (still a total douche in that one as well) and the tattoo is ‘zealot.’ He was talking about all of his gay friends that he loves enough to tell them they are going to hell. What a guy.

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    Moron! Please allow me to vent with a Short American History Lesson:

    If you think Washington and the other “foundering fathers” drafted the sodomy bans, you’re wrong. Fucking F. Colonial law was for the most part a copy paste job from English law. Many of the statutes within English country law are old church laws.

    Colonial law was the law that thought exile was a dandy punishment. It’s the same law that prescribed indentured servitude as a solution for orphanhood, and death to the leaders of “routes”. Also, witchcraft.

    Write that shit down: it will be on the Exam.

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    Reverend Clint

    s guy is wearing a vest… clearly gay

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    Kevin V

    I’ve never seen a gay guy try so hard too act straight in my life.
    Straight in the front.
    Gay in the back.

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    ignorant rude piece of shit. I made sure to comment on his video on youtube in the hope he reads that someone else out there hates him.

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