Last Supper has more food now

Here’s a weird study; a pair of academics analyzed some of the more famous paintings of the Last Supper over the past thousand years, and found the food portions depicted in the paintings seemed to have grown by 69.2%. So rather than the anemic portions that were common before a serious revolution in the way we produce food, today’s paintings offer a larger variety and abundance of food stuffs. It just goes to show the influence of modern culture spills over into even our most ancient traditions. We’re not as good as we think we are in maintaining the integrity of ancient beliefs, and trust me, that’s a good thing.

(props to James for the find)

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    And the Lord said, “Supersize it!”. Good point made, that xtianity is all about revisionism. Scripture changed, or omitted, to suit MAN’s ends. Too bad so many followers discount these corruptions as GOD’s will. *blecch*

    Also of interest in the study: EEL and PORK in some of the paintings. Not exactly “Kosher”.

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    Well unfortunately overtime beliefs get exaggerated. That’s how you get myths that are more fantastic overtime. Even in modern religions with written texts they still add too it. That’s how preachers can get up on tv and claim if you send them a love gift they will pray and god will make sure their kids won’t grow up to be gay or lesbian. There’s nothing about that shit in the Bible! They add their own wacky ideas to the already wacky foundation.

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