Billionaire to give money to Catholic church to fulfill “pact with God”

Albert Gubay, founder of Kwik Save (a grocery chain in the UK) has put his business into a trust in order to keep a promise he made to an invisible sky deity after he asked his help to become a millionaire. Now, at 82, this Catholic is now donating almost a billion dollars to various Roman Catholic charities (you may recall these are the same institutions that use homeless people and orphans as pawns in their fight against equal rights for gays).

I know what you’re thinking; how awesome would this headline be if it said “pact with the Devil” instead? It would certainly highlight the fact it wasn’t a pact with a supernatural entity that made this guy successful, but rather hard work and determination (and probably stepping on a few throats too I assume). I’ve never been a huge fan of charities (especially not the religious kind), but it is nice this guy feels the need to donate such a large amount to those less fortunate; I just wish it wasn’t all tied to a religious organization that places the well being of molesting priests above that of children.

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    Religion is a lot like politics. The it’s not about who’s better, just who’s richer.

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    Well I hope he left a percentage of that to the flying spaghetti monster! Because you do not want to break a pack with him either, watch out! hehe.

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    I’m so happy that he is doing it. It takes an arrogant atheist to assume that there is no deity. You speak like someone with faith – that cannot either prove or disprove but assumes to know it all. Actually, that is worse than someone of faith. Those who believe in God can doubt. Those who do not believe in God cannot doubt. They must always believe there is no God. Good luck.

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