Some good old fashioned Christian love!

Whenever there’s a battle over which irrational and improvable belief system is true, there’s always bound to be violence, segregation, isolation and other examples of poor moral behavior. Thanks, religion, for proving once again why we shouldn’t even put you in charge of a hot-dog stand.

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    God isn’t religious! This type of behavior is just irrational and I’ve never understood it. I’m from the midwest and thanks to religion I’ve come to understand things in a different way … if they had been logical and loving I MAYBE would have stuck around and been sucked into the darkness!!!

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    I wonder if this is an exageration, it seem crazy what happend to these people. Its like a dark evil town of crazy religious nutbags like in the movie Hot Fuzz when there is a secret level of orgainisation to the community watch that goes around killing people to maintain their towns rank in the Best Village competition.
    Religion = tribal tendancies

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    Yeah, I live in Norman, Ok and am getting ready to teach and I have yet to find any teachers that even come close to talking about religion in the classroom, much less set your house on fire. I’m not denying their story, but it seems people are more tolerant than that, even in Oklahoma these days.

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