Pope issues pointless apology for child abuse, blames secularism

Imagine this hypothetical situation: you’re implicated in a child molestation scandal in your powerful and influential organization, and the whole world eagerly anticipates your response to these allegations. Would your strategy be to issue an ambiguous “apology” for the suffering of the victims followed by laying blame a completely esoteric scapegoat? The only way you could ever get away with such weaksauce is to command the only position in the world where it’s absolutely impossible to be fired (and I’m not talking about a Supreme Court judge here, people). I’m referring of course to the Pope, who’s been under intense scrutiny since it was revealed that under his watch, a rapist pastor who forced a young boy to give him oral sex was whisked to a variety of parishes where, unsurprisingly, he offended again.

The Vatican’s pastoral letter to the victims of child rape reads as follows:

“You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry, Many of you found that, when you were courageous enough to speak of what happened to you, no one would listen”

Tell them something they don’t know, Razty. This pathetic attempt to sweep everything under the rug is followed by the usual “we promise to try and do something secretly on our own, and just trust us we’ll make this all go away” bullshit that’s been the M.O. of the Church since the whole mess started. You might recall Pope Benedict XVI was the one responsible in the 80’s of “sniffing” out molesters, and he did such a bang up job that one of the people helped him become Pope was none other than Archbishop Bernard Francis Law of Boston (known primarily for his involvement in covering up the abuse scandal in that state).

The most nauseating thing in all of this is at the end of his bullshit apology, Benedict blames secularism on the declining morality of society in general (where do they get their stats?). Not only is it baffling (does he think this would have been avoidable if society was more religious?), it’s also just more scapegoating. The Church used to do the same thing with Jews until that went terribly out of “fashion”. Now secularism and homosexuality are their new targets. Hey, when you can’t take responsibility for your own actions, blame someone else entirely! It’s the formula they’ve been using for centuries, and it’s not about to stop any time soon, people.

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    Tom T

    Disgusting…Ratzy’s day will come…

    Unfortunately, there is no way to remove him from his power. He either has to die or change the rules of resignation (not since Pope Celestine V in 1294 and Pope Gregory XII in 1409 has a pope resigned for any reason).

    However, based on the Canon Law 332 “Can. 332 §1. The Roman Pontiff obtains full and supreme power in the Church by his acceptance of legitimate election together with episcopal consecration. Therefore, a person elected to the supreme pontificate who is marked with episcopal character obtains this power from the moment of acceptance. If the person elected lacks episcopal character, however, he is to be ordained a bishop immediately.”

    Look at the last line…I wonder who determines if he ‘lacks episcopal character’ (whatever that means)?

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    J. N. Hudson

    “You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry”

    I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that “apology”. If there is anything that he’s truly sorry about it’s far more likely to be sorry that the priests got caught diddling kids and the church, including Ratzinger himself, got caught covering it up and shuffling these child molesters around from parish to parish.

    “Many of you found that, when you were courageous enough to speak of what happened to you, no one would listen”

    Oh they listened, and instead of doing the right thing and turning these child molesters over to the police the church authorities decided to go straight to damage control and put the reputation of the church before the physical and mental well being of their “flock”. Using deceit, bribery, threats, and in some cases even making out that these children, these victims, were intentionally lying and then subjecting them to public ridicule. But by far the worst was the pattern of shuffling these priests, these criminals, from parish to parish as if the children of your so-called “flock” were little more than a child molesters All-You-Can-Fuck Buffet.

    Further more, secularism didn’t make those priests molest children, and it sure as fuck didn’t make the church cover it up. In fact the church did far more than just cover it up, it became an active participant by moving these priests around knowing full well that they would re-offend because they had already done so on more than one occasion.

    You don’t get a free pass just because you are the catholic church anymore, and you don’t get to pass the buck on this anymore. It’s not the fault of recent decline of morality, many of these accusations go back decades. Nor is it the fault of homosexuality, liberalism, abortion, secularism, or happy fucking bunnies. You can scapegoat all you like because you don’t have any moral high ground here, It’s the church and it’s duly appointed leader Pope Benedict XVI that is unwilling to own it’s mistakes, not any of your go to scapegoats.

    I can only hope that you and your church receive the justice that you so richly deserve, and have so long sought to deny your victims.

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    The pope needs to be called up on his statement of social moral decline. To make such a statement he needs proof, because such a statement can be tested for validity. If the stats are heavily against what the pope claims then people will realise that the pope is just making shit up. fancy that!!

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    I hope he just keeps doing what he;s doing. I think the resulting chaos will be nothing but positive for our cause.

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    So let me get this straight, secularism which means that the Church doesn’t control the government is forcing those who control the Church to rape small kids. How on earth does that work?

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    Andrew Skegg

    I read the Pope’s letter of apology in full last night and it made my blood boil. I could not help but post it with my comments inserted at the appropriate points. There is much swearing and gnashing of teeth.

    Burn in Hell, Pope Ratburger.

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    Zombie Jesus

    I don’t see the scapegoat in this scenario. Secularism is the supposed cause of the moral decay. The moral decay in issue here is the raping of children. The raping is being perpetrated by the priests. Maybe I’m not following this right, but this means that the church is employing secular priests? How shoddy is this organization to employ secularists as priests?

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    jaeger cormack

    If I believed in God I would be so overwhelmingly ashamed of him that I would do shameful things myself. What a horrible lesson for those who believe to witness. Knowing that they won’t stop believing in God. Not any time soon anyway.

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    Godless McSlut

    Of course The Poop blames secularism… why in God’s name would the catholic church accept responsibility for anything? Jesus has absolved them from their sins.

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