Fun in the sun

See, women in bhurkas can have just as much fun as normal people. Well, at least that’s what this husband is telling himself since he can’t even tell if she’s smiling or not; my guess is wearing a 50 pound wet blanket is about as much fun as it sounds. Better cover up ladies, because we men can’t be expected to control our crazy sexual urges!

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    I wonder what would happen if she had an emergency in the water that would require her to loose the sheet. Would her exposure be overlooked?

    Although potential drowning might not be an issue. I imagine her husband wouldn’t allow her in the pool alone.

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    Holy shit, a ninja!

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    What happens if she gets the ol’ wet nipple-slipple, a la Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman?

    Mmmm… Kirsten Dunst. I’d better go rub one out while I’m still able to achieve an erection.

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    Thanks for sharing Jon.

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    That picture says sooo much. Most of which I can’t say. I showed this to my wife, daughter and my daughter’s friend and they were all laughing so hard.

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    i cant help but feeling so sad

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    She also appears to have Dr No’s artificial hand, I hope she doesn’t have to get out of the water by climbing up a steel girder…

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    Richard Feinburg

    One of the reason why religion is all about control.

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    This picture was the subject of a caption competition by ‘Freethinker’ magazine in the UK last year. I won a year’s subscription with “He looked longingly into his Muslim dominatrix’s eyes and his thoughts turned to his next rubber gloved hand job”. The other winners were equally respectful….

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    Well, if I was married to that creep it would take a full body suit and rubber gloves before I’d touch him.

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