Saudi Arabia condemns TV host to death for “sorcery”

If you’ve ever spent time reading tarot cards, playing with a Ouija board, or working for a psychic hotline, I suggest you avoid Saudi Arabia as a travel destination. Recently, Amnesty International has been trying to pressure the government to release a man by the name of Ali Hussain Sibat, who was sentenced to death in November 2009 for the supposed crime of “sorcery”. Sibat had a show on a Beirut satellite TV channel where, before a studio audience, he would predict the future and give advice. If that sounds familiar, it’s basically a Lebanese ripoff of “Crossing Over with John Edward” (if diplomatic relationships fail, can we send them Edward in exchange?).

Now because Islam is a political religion, there’s no rational legal body at work here; instead, a religious court based in outdated and superstitious laws are responsible for punishing offenders, and punish they do. A court in Medina convicted Sibat of witchcraft, and in accordance to their holy text, his sentence is nothing less than execution. There you have it folks, the Koran doesn’t mess around with issues of legality, human rights or even common sense; as far as the book and its murderous peddlers are concerned, you need to kill witches, and fast (Sibat tried to appeal this decision, but it didn’t take long for them to be overturned)!

I can’t imagine a clearer example of why religion and politics don’t mix; a father of 5 is being sentenced to death for the crime of reading dumb people their fortunes on TV. Yep, the world is officially fucked up.

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    I wonder how long it will take for islam to calm down to the degree that it can be openly talked about in its home country. Its so deep rooted that it controls legal decisions! such a shame for islamic countries. Islam, clam the fuck down! stop being insecure and overly agressive, everyone else on earth thinks your stupid

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    I wonder if the likes of Uri Geller, and Sylvia Browne would accept all expense paid vacations there?

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    I like Uri and Sylvia they are useful as an indicator of stupidity.
    I don’t care what any moderate says or claims…..NO RELIGION is a thing of peace and tolerance. The sheep are STUPID!!!!! Either because they claim to believe this BS or they are to cowardly to change.
    This is one reason why I think islam should not be allowed in anywhere unfreted. Sorry-ass law SHOULD NOT be allowed. They must follow the law!!! They have to be pushed down until they at least behave themselves as well as the other BS religions.

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    ‘who was sentenced’ not ‘whom was sentenced.’

    Whom is the object pronoun and who is the subject pronoun. C’est presque pareil avec qui et que.

    You’d only use ‘whom’ as a direct or indirect object, or as the object of a preposition.

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    Fascinating, looking at islamic countries is like looking back in time. It’s a perfect example of how fucked up we would be if we let religion take over once again.

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    This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 3/20/2010, at The Unreligious Right

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    Rupert Radulescu

    This has to be the best tv show ever…

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    Madalene Wienert

    The major part of Veda gives stress on action (Karma). Yajna is the practical service to be done to a devotee or human form of God. The Yajna deals with preparation of food to be served to the devotees. If the fruit of the Yajna is given to the really eligible devotee or at least a hungry human being, the Yajna becomes fruitful. The preparation of food is Karma and serving the food to eligible devotees (Karma Phala Tyaga). If an undeserving person is served due to your ignorance or blind affinity such action is simply called as karma. If the eligible devotee is served the same action becomes Karma Yoga.

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    Tony Adamson

    All very true, but I don’t take that view myself. I will go along with the more traditional view. But I definitely support your right to say what you want. Fascinating anyway.

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