Girl mutilated and left for dead for “shaming” family

I sometimes get depressed writing about all of the horrible atrocities committed in the name of religion. Once in a while I’m tempted not to post anything entirely, simply to avoid having to languish in the anger and resentment I feel towards superstitious belief.

If you feel like having a good day, then avoid this story altogether; a young woman named Bibi Aisha in Afghanistan had her ears and nose chopped off for the “crime” of embarrassing her husband’s family.

The story is simple enough; when Aisha was 8, she was already promised to a much older man, and when she turned 16 she was handed off to the man’s father in law, the husband being away fighting for the Taliban in Pakistan. She was essentially treated as a slave, and soon tried to escape. The women who offered to help her turned out to be untrustworthy, as they tried selling Aisha to another man. She escaped this fate only to be arrested for being a runaway.

To punish her for her “crime” of trying to be free, she was sentenced to three years in jail, although that sentence was reduced to five months when Hamid Karzai became president. When she finally left the prison, her new husband was there to “greet” her, and she was brought to a special Taliban court, which ruled that her nose and ears were to be cut off  as punishment (since evidently a few months in jail was not enough for these religious zealots). The ordeal described in the article is too much for me to repeat, but though she was left in the mountains to die, she survived, and her tale has inspired others to help.

Afghanistan is a nightmare for any woman living there, and this is entirely because of a culture that finds refuge in ancient traditions and piety. The population is afraid of the fundamentalist Taliban, who either coerce or encourage Afghans to follow their brutal religious law. Aisha lost her nose, ears, and almost her life for trying to escape her horrible new family. Women like her aren’t free; they are treated as property, suffering physical, mental and sexual abuse. So long as the religious hand of the Taliban is at work in the country, they will never be safe.

(props to Duane for the find)

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    Another great example of the religion of peace and tolerance!!!

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    Remi H. Winther

    [Sry that I write this here, was going to send it to your mail, but didn’t find it, lol]

    Do you know any case (at all) where a non-believer (in any faith) converted to a religion?


    Do you know any cases where atheist-parents hurt their children/other family members, for believing?

    Maybe this is just BS-questions, but I was thinking of how strong this argument could be against religion. I also know that atheism isn’t a “community” or organisation, but in the name of reason (=P), has any of the above ever occured?

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    Here is a society that shuns technological advances and tenaciously holds on to stupid bronze age beliefs that cause people to hurt this little girl and many others like her all because they actually believe that their “god” sanctions such actions in the name of protecting their honor.

    Trust me, if we’re not careful and vigilant, we will see such barbarism foisted on the United States if we don’t work to maintain the separation of church and state.

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    Bringing civilization by force may be the best solution. Sure its not the best answer, but perhaps this barbarism would end sooner.

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    Ups clicked submit, before finishing. Writing on several sites at the same time.

    Bringing civilization by force may be the best solution. It may be not the best answer, but perhaps this barbarism would end sooner. Peace is preferable, but when such kind of barbarism is tolerated, then every human on earth is losing the good fight. The stakes are too high, such barbarism is pulling humanity down and it must be eliminated at any cost. Some people will protest, but in the end their children will be grateful.

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    “To punish her for her “crime” of trying to be free, she was sentenced to three years in jail, although that sentence was reduced to five months when Hamid Karzai became president.”

    Thats such an ironic and disturbing fate. Islam is the worst religion.

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    Kevin V

    WTF, this shit needs to end. What chapter in there Qur’an do you find nose and ears removal for trying to set yourself free! NEW movement AIDS FOR AFGHANISTAN

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    So many atrocities performed “in the name of God”. Cowardess and ignorance is what it is. Religions were created to “control the masses”. God said “love thy neighbour”, man added “or else”.

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    There is a lot of religion mixed up with misogyny and a lot of mysogyny that hides behind a mask of religion. A lot of the atrocity comes from taking metaphor as truth or misunderstanding it all together … the human race is really backwards a lot of the time. This was a horrendous action. But, have you ever considered the impetus behind female circumcism … removing the clitorus and sewing the vagina up to the point that it barely accomodates a monthly period? This is routine in some countries and has made its way through immigration to American. Then, how about male circumcism for which there is no scientific or medical reason? There is only a lie that says there are health reasons to help combat the psychological and physical problems that can occur from it. Circumcisim, both female and male, leads to sexual disfunction at the very least and long-term health and impotency problems a lot of the time and often we consider these problems normal aging. Who needs horror stories … truth and human action is far worse.

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    Matthew C. Kriner

    Just started listening to this… sounds great.

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    M. J. Hanifi

    Patriarchy–male domination of society–is dangerous to public health everywhere–in Afghanistan, Israel, America, India, and spaces in between. In principle this tragic incident is no different than the social forces that produce the “pussy shrinking”, and breast enhancement industries in the United States together with the vast shelter networks for abused women in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Washington, Seattle, New York, and Miami. Localizing misogyny does not help in understanding this universal malaise.

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