Catholic charity gets the right to exclude gays from adopting

Amidst the heady swirl of controversy surrounding the Catholic Church (with more and more evidence of priestly misconduct and of their highly organized protection of these offenders), a UK judge has allowed a Catholic adoption agency to openly discriminate against gay couples wanting to adopt. They are now allowed exemption from sexual orientation regulations that make it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their homosexuality.

The Church had threatened to cut all of their services if they were forced to comply with the law (which essentially amounts to nothing less than blackmail), and it appears that, unlike Washington DC which upheld their right to pass laws the way they see fit, this tactic has succeeded in England (another boo for you guys).

The Bishop of Leeds had this to say about the victory:

We look forward to producing evidence to the Charity Commission to support the position that we have consistently taken through this process: that without being able to use this exemption children without families would be seriously disadvantaged

So what he’s saying is without the ability to openly discriminate and violate the law, children would be “seriously disadvantaged” by being adopted by loving gay parents. Yeah, he’s a real fucking swell guy, and honest to boot.

I’m sick of this bullshit, and I’m especially tired of the way ignorant bigots like Leeds try to make themselves look like the good guys. They go around pretending they don’t disrespect or hate anyone, when it’s quite clear they do. They treat gays like subhumans, and deny them the ability to invite children in their loving homnes, all because of a few Bible passages that claim God hates the idea of gay men and women having sex with one another (why don’t you mind your own fucking business, you overbearing father figure?). If it’s a crime for people to love one another, then your God has no place in this world.

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    Wonder how long it takes before everyone realizes that this is bullshit. If it takes longer than 6 months, which is a very long time, then I will permanently lose all respect for England.

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    I used to live next door to a gay couple and one of them had children from a previous (hetero) marriage. Believe me, those kids were a HELL of a lot more well-adjusted than those of many dysfunctional heterosexual couples I’ve encountered. They did their homework on time, participated in the usual athletic activities and (I’d imagine) were probably a hell of a lot less bigoted and closed-minded than other kids their age.

    But yeah, who wants a kid to grow up in THAT kind of environment?

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    Zombie Jesus

    Blackmail is a nice way of putting it. In the legal community, we call that fucking extortion.

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    Once again, I’m more confused why Gays would EVER have any kind of catholic upbringing with their children? Unless they’re planning on rescuing the child from the catholics and converting to anything else?

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    I’m actually disgusted. I mean… i’d expect this kinda bullshit from America (well done Washington btw), but not England. I might live ‘under their nation’ but theres no way that i have to agree with it.

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