Always clearly identify your scapegoats

If you want to make people forget their government has failed them, their country is a ruin, and things are not improving, you need to find someone to blame. The Nazis chose to blame the Jews for the poverty and social degradation that occurred after the First World War, and this ancient tradition continues in Uganda, where gays are now the favorite scapegoat of the people. You can easily cause a frenzy and mass hysteria by blaming just about everything shitty in your country on the scourge of “sodomy” (which incorporates oral sex and non-missionary positions too, in case everyone forgot). Watch this and be afraid for the future, people.

Oh, and the guy who wrote “The Pink Swastika” is a lying piece of shit.

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    That’s just fucking disgusting in so many ways.

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    Sometimes people ask me why I think having a good working knowledge of history is so important.


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    It’s so easy to discount the tragic toll of religious fundamentalism in a country like the US where there are protections for people who don’t fall in line with evangelicals and other such people… looking at countries like this though, where evangelicals have had their hand in tipping scales against humans with a different kind of sexuality… It’s quite abominable!

    Seriously, if this is the hateful life-destroying effect Christian ministers are having in foreign lands… they should be fucking banned from those countries!

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    Folks, that kind of theocratic bullshit is where the fundies want the United States to head into. That this lively guy doesn’t see the hatred in his own ideas is fucked up.

    Ideas DO have consequences.

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    I’m sure if it did turn out there was a God and Devil (lolz) then this would be the Devils work – truly evil!

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    The more I see of it the more I’m convinced that religions are nothing but fucking hate groups at their core.

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    Nadia West

    These people scare the shit out of me. The pink triangle guy? How the hell can he believe that shit?? What about homosexuals being sent to concentration camps? Argh!

    I hope rationality will prevail.

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    I try to promote open mindedness….but damn. This piece falls off the table.

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    Dude, it’s a white religion. BOOO

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    This is soooo insanely frustrating. The Christian religion “supposedly” preaches that we’re to love one another, forgive one another, be tolerant of differences, AND that people are not to judge others because that is only for the afterlife. What hypocracy! What a narrow minded and hateful way to live. How many ways can human beings find to twist and distort a simple message of spirituality into something so ugly and violent as to come to believe that anyone has to right to kill people they don’t agree with and who are not harming others? Wait until they figure out if legislation can look into the bedroom of gay people that it can also look into the bedroom and lives of everyone and then where will everyone be? This is not God or spirituality, this is ignorant people behaving very, very badly.

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