Pope Benedict XVI is a scumbag

It should come as no surprise that any large and powerful organization always “looks out for their own”. The Catholic Church is no different; the whole controversy regarding child abuse is based around the fact that rather than punish their own members who were guilty of destroying the lives of innocent children, they instead kept everything quiet, transferring these offenders to different parishes where they would continue their campaign of sexual molestation.

The Pope keeps finding himself in the uncomfortable position of having to deny any knowledge of protecting church leaders who had a history of abusing children, but it’s now a bit harder to do so. A priest, identified only as “H” (you’ve got to love their transparency) known to have forced a young child into oral sex, was transferred under the watchful eye of one Cardinal Ratzinger in 1980. To no ones surprise, he offended again, and was given an 18-month suspended sentence and fined about 4,000 bucks (apparently, sexually molesting a kid will cost you the equivalent of a used Segway).

The Vatican is obviously trying to distance him from this decision, saying Ratzinger was unaware of the existence of this priest (he’s a shitty boss, I guess), and I’m sure his mindless fans will continue to believe he had no involvement whatsoever, regardless of what evidence is shown. It doesn’t matter how many times this organization is exposed as corrupt and evil; people will continue to believe their religious leaders piss Holy Water. Look, they’re only human, and yet their position allows them an unprecedented amount of power and influence, all based on the ignorant notion these individuals are somehow on “God’s speed-dial”. They are no more special than you and I, and they should not be immune from prosecution and the law. When will victims of the abuse of the Catholic Church finally see justice?

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    At the risk of being insensitive to the victims; a “silver lining” to these constant scandals is the horrible, long-lasting PR. When religion is in the news these days, mostly it’s for fucking up.
    The more people who turn their backs on Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, etc, the better.

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    Tom T

    The day will come, my friend…the day will come.

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    If only Hitchens had something witty to say about it…oh wait…

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    Zombie Jesus

    If you can’t trust a German, who can you trust?

    I am sure the Pope is neither evil nor negligent. He was chosen directly by God–that is, a vote of >67% of the Cardinals.

    It is a good thing they have God on speed-dial. I think they lost his number years ago amid all the bills and bars of gold. It’s in there somwhere, though, that we’re sure of. They wouldn’t lie to us about such things. They only lie about paedophiles.

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