TGA Podcast: Episode 85

Welcome back folks. I’ve returned to Montreal, and Ryan is back as the co-host of the show. This week, we talk about shitty Canadian horror movies, lesbians killing the prom in Mississippi, and how one atheist in the UK is facing serious jail time for the crime of ‘offending’ people.

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    UK is getting more and more insane. Everyone in UK must protest this bullshit. I am harassed and offended by this bullshit, every member of the jury must be sentenced under the same law. Though it would create an infinite loop, because the next jury would offend me to. 😀

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    It wasn’t about her age, her opinons seemed immature and she was really condescending to you…wether you notice it or not. Thanks for clarifying that though. I will say, I know people much younger than 22 who have very clear views on life, death, and atheism. Well formed, well thought out, and consistent.

    You are a weak atheist. Lol.

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