Mississippi school cancels prom over lesbian fears

Mississippi isn’t exactly known for its open-mindedness and progressiveness; it was, after all, the second state to secede from the Union in 1861. It also had the distinction at the time of actually having more black slaves than white citizens (55% of the population was in chains back then).

There’s a surprisingly large gay population in Mississippi, something that’s not common knowledge if you’re from around those parts (they have more African American lesbians living together than any other state). Recently, a school in Jacksonville cancelled the prom after a female student asked for permission to bring her girlfriend as a date and for the right to wear a tuxedo instead of a dress (apparently dress codes are strongly enforced). Fearing a “no” answer might get them sued, the district decided instead to axe the event completely.

The ACLU is now suing the district for discrimination, and the good news is legislation in the state is being proposed to make this kind of discrimination illegal. It’s pretty sad how crazy people still get over innocent displays of affection and love.

Southside Baptist Church Pastor Bobby Crenshaw said he’s seen the South portrayed as “backwards” on Web sites discussing the issue, “but a lot more people here have biblically based values.”

Anyone who uses the Bible for their morality is evidently going to be described as fucking backwards. Have people forgotten what century the “Good Book” was written in? I’ll give you a clue; back then, they thought disease was caused by demons…How progressive!

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    I read about this from Pharyngula. It’s an atrocity. The school basically set this girl up to be a target, while they didn’t go out and say it directly, they’re pointing their fingers at her “See! If that f** was normal, you’d all have your prom right now!”

    On a good note, lots of people across the innertubes are trying to get the school prom to keep going, it’s really awesome the response to this poor girl.

    (Secede, btw)

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