I should go back and watch “The West Wing”

If I had known there would be moments like this, I would have watched the damn show. In your face, fundies!

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    Reverend Clint

    i have literally seen every episode of the west wing… its good

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    I remember seeing this when it first aired, and it stuck with me, this was long before I became an atheist, was I was very young, the anti-gay beliefs of religious people seemed like such bullshit even then to a young teenager.

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    Classic – Loved West Wing!

    Pity that sort of answer doesn’t stop them spouting the same cherry picked chapter-and-verse crap to fit their own needs.

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    It’ll be a cold day in hell if we ever hear a real US President saying anything like that though, surely?

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    It’s inspired by a possibly-real letter sent to Laura Schlessinger, a famous self-designated “doctor” who openly crusades against gay rights.


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    Mmmmm…. I know what I’m ordering on amazon.com tonight.

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    Wonderful show, and one of my favorite scenes. Slightly beat out by the Secret Plan to Fight Inflation – actually, all of ‘Celestial Navigation’ is great – and, “Mr President, you remember when you said not to wake you unless the White House was on fire?”

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    J. N. Hudson

    @ Kiaburra

    And let us not forget “Two Cathedrals” the best damn hour of televison ever made, for that matter the last 5 episodes of season 2 from “17 People” on was bloody amazing. Gotta love the part in the first episode where the fundie sayS “I can tell you that you don’t believe in any god I pray to, Mr Lyman” To which he responds “Lady, the god you pray to is too busy being indicted for tax fraud.”

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    Funny to think that Martin Sheen would probably never say something like this in real life, just goes to show the depth of his professionalism and his talent. Martin is a devout Catholic in real life…

    “As the Mass begins and the crucifix in the central nave comes close, I think: “I know this man, He is also my Redeemer, He also belongs to me.”

    “The greatest miracle is that we too are made sons and daughters of God.”

    (Martin Sheen)

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